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10 Reasons Why You Should Advertise Your Business On Facebook

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Degreatdesi, Feb 8, 2020.

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  1. Degreatdesi

    Degreatdesi New Member

    Nigeria, a country with population of over 180 million people, has 33 million active monthly users and 16 million active daily users. So Nigeria is facebook’s biggest market in Africa.

    If you are asking how this will benefit you as a business person in Nigeria, look at those numbers again. Your customers are there.

    As a business person or an individual looking to reach people that matter most to your business, you create campaigns that have specific goals. And you don’t have to be an ad guru to do that but you need to get trained.

    So here are the top 10 reasons why you should be advertising on Facebook

    1. Facebook advertising will make you reach your exact audience: It is the most targeted form of advertising. This is because you can advertise to people based on age, gender, location, interests, behaviour. You can use FB advertising to engage them if you’ve gotten you customer avatar.

    2. Facebook advertising is Fast:
    Facebook ads provide immediate results. You will reach thousands of users minutes (depends on your budget though) after launching your campaigns.

    3. Facebook advertising has simple setup process:
    You can easily log on to Facebook and create a personal ads account or a business account in little time, then start setting up your campaigns.

    4. Facebook ad campaigns are customizable:
    There are images, text, video formats to choose when setting up your ads. And there are about 11 objectives to choose from depending on what you want to get out of your campaigns.

    5. Facebook advertising boosts sales, revenue:
    This happens when a lot of people get to see your adverts and they engage with it giving you the desired outcome in profits and awareness.

    6. Facebook advertising is cheap:
    Facebook advertising happens to be the cheapest form of advertising in present time but that’s IF you know what you are doing.

    7. Facebook advertising can help you move into new market domains:
    To increase the exposure of your new products or services, you can use Facebook ads to break into new markets and increase awareness. You can even test the market before going all the way in.

    8. Facebook advertising is in real-time and measurable:
    Since Facebook advertising is in real-time, you can track your ads and make adjustments to campaigns that are not favourable. This way you cut your losses down

    9. Facebook advertising lets you scale your ads:
    For campaigns that are performing well you can scale them up in other to reach more users and this translates to more sales/conversions. You can also scale down campaigns due to certain reasons.

    10. Facebook advertising is budget friendly: You can set daily or lifetime budget. You are in total control of how much you spend o campaigns, you can increase or decrease how much you spend at any time.

    There is something you must know, Facebook values their users. They would do anything to enable them have the best experience on their platform. Or even after they’ve left their platform to advertisers’ websites/landing pages.

    Like every organisation, Facebook has policies meant to guide advertisers on how their adverts should be structured. And any attempt to go against their policies would be met with stiff penalties.

    There is a saying that the only person that reads term and conditions is the person that wrote them, but that’s not true in the case of Facebook ads. As advertisers, we’ve read those T and Cs times without number especially when FB penalizes us. And it’s never a pleasant experience when they disable our ad accounts.

    So I’ve put together a guide that teaches you how to stay in Facebook’s good books for as long as you run ads on their platform. And if your ad account was already disabled, I teach you how to get it reinstated within the shortest time possible.

    To lay your hands on this guide, click the link on my signature below to get access.

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