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4 Bad Habits You Should Never Have If You Want To Remain A Successful Business Man/woman.

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Celestina Angel Serome, Jul 29, 2019.

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  1. Celestina Angel Serome

    Celestina Angel Serome Administrator Staff Member

    Humanity has lost its value, because of what people are doing nowadays to make money and to be successful in their businesses. They no longer care about what's right or wrong; they just want to make money, be successful in their business, make investments and so on. One thing they don't know is that when they tread on the part of deceit and cheating to them achieving success, the end result will be failure. Yes, you may experience success, but the question is; how long will it last? Funny, but most people refer to it as a short cut to success. This insight they have is very terrible, and it's the beginning of failure. You want to build a big business empire, but at the expense of what? Other people's opportunities and ideas? You want to use every means to get to the top even if it's cheating? Well, i will have you know that such victories and success do not last long. Karma will surely get you when you are at the peak of you success.

    Let's use children at school for instance. When it's time for examination there are some children who work very hard by reading all the time, and there are some who do not read but instead rely on examination malpractice; they consider it to be a short cut to success. They might not be caught at the initial stage, but listen. One thing is certain, and that is, they will be caught one day when they least expect and they will surely bear the consequences of their actions.

    This is to say, that nothing in this world is ever lost, Karma always pays back in full, irrespective of what you do, you will one day be payed back in your own coin.

    Yes, i agree that some people whose businesses might have crumbled may not be as a result of them cheating to acquire what they had; it may be because of bad business steps or plans, but the good thing is that the level of your sincerity and honesty will determine if any business man/woman would want to help you start all over again by investing in your business. If you are known to be a cunning person and a cheat, no one would want to invest in your business, because your character in business is well known to them.

    Bad habits (behavior) that will hinder the success of your business.

    Dishonest acts.
    Dishonesty is really bad. If you have been making success through dishonest acts, then your success is only short lift, because you will be found out one day, and the stigma it will put on your business won't be favorable to it; i don't mean to scare you, but that's the truth. Investors or even customers of a business prefer dealing with people who are honest and clear in their dealings with people, they wouldn't want to do business with someone whose words and actions they can't trust because of his dishonest acts. You may not let them know that's the kind of person you are, but what happens when they find out? That will ruin your reputation and your business.

    Cunning nature of some business men and women.
    Some people are just so good in cheating and making fools out of other people. They are capable of cheating right under your nose, and you won't find out, but it's not a great achievement, it's not something to be proud of. What would you do if you found out that your partner in business or a company you've been investing on has been cheating by out smarting you in every way? Would you trust them enough to invest or partner with them any longer? Well, i don't know about you, but my answer is No.

    Someone capable of such cunning ways will tend to be more distrustful and more cunning when they find out you are aware of their acts and dealings; trusting them will be 50-50.

    Win and win all the time.
    It's no problem if you set a of principle for yourself; it maybe never to give up, always stand up on your feet whenever you fall down etc. You may also make it your principle to win all the time, but it shouldn't get to your head. In business you will experience success and loss as well, but it's no excuse to let yourself loss repeatedly.

    Now, many people do not see it from this angle, they always want to win and come out successfully in their busines, when the outcome of a business transaction made by them turns out to be a failure, they will go to any extent to change that failure to success even if it's through the wrong means. When you give it your all in trying to make something work out and it still comes out as a failure, then just let it be. Don't get so obsessed with the motto of winning all the time by allowing yourself do deceitful things just to ensure success in your business. It will ruin you as a person and also as an entrepreneur.

    Being gullible and suggestible.
    It is a good thing to trust each other in terms of business, but it is also true and right to listen to each other's opinion and make a reasonable solution afterwards that will benefit each of you.
    In business you shouldn't be the type that is gullible and highly suggestible. What i mean is; you should know exactly what you want. It shouldn't be that people will have to decide for you all the time. Let your word be firm and not easily changed just because of what someone says to you.

    I'm sure before making any decision with regards to your business, you must have sat and thought about it carefully, so why must you drop your carefully sort out plan for an advice given to you? I know that you might not be right at all times with your decisions, and i'm also not saying that it is wrong to listen to advice. It becomes wrong and a danger to your business when you make it your behavior to always drop your ideas and settle for another person's idea given to you. Doing that might bring the downfall of your business.

    Wouldn't it hurt to lose your big business empire you have built for so long just because of your bad virtues in you achieving success? I am sure that anyone capable of starting up a business is no longer a child and he can differentiate from right and wrong, so i urge everyone to do the right thing.

    Build and make the foundation of your business in honesty, truth, delligence and hardwork, and you will have nothing to regret in the end.

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