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Achieving Workplace Safety Means Having A People-first Policy - Nestoil

Discussion in 'General Business' started by voltz09, Aug 29, 2019.


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  1. voltz09

    voltz09 New Member

    As the energy industry continues to grow and people utilise more cutting-edge technologies in terrains previously unexplored, the need for ensuring workplace safety has even become greater. Establishing a reliable system of managing cases of onshore or offshore hazards to minimise lost-time injury (LTI) is essential to the success of any company, particularly in the energy industry.

    At Nestoil, workplace safety is not just a word thrown around lightly; it a truth embedded in our values. This ethos ensures that the safety and wellbeing of our most valuable assets – our employees – is guaranteed. Beyond protecting the company’s personnel, having a dependable health, safety and environment (HSE) policy means protection for customers, suppliers, and the public from potential health risks and other dangers

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