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Business Ideas To Start With Low Capital In Lagos

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Walexy, Aug 22, 2018.

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  1. Walexy

    Walexy New Member

    Please I need a business ideas that one can start ASAP with low start up capital
    Business ideas.jpeg
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  2. Evawere

    Evawere Member

    There are so many business you can start with small amount. You didn't not add how much you which to start with so I can't tell how low you mean but some of the business you will start with small amount include

    1. Popcorn business
    You can start this business with at least minimum of 15k. You can make lot of money from this business depenton your location. You can be making 3-5k daily if you are at a busy place.
    You can learn how to start popcorn business in Nigeria on informationhood here "Complete Steps to Start Popcorn Business in Nigeria"

    2. Meat pie Sales or Supply
    You can supply meat pie or go into sales of meat pie if you are in busy place. You can learn more how to start meat pie business in Nigeria here. There is profit in meat pie business if you can do it the proper way.

    3. Online marketing
    If you have this knowledge you can make money Fron online as a freelancer to a company where you get paid a commission for every sales you make to the company.

    4. Delivery Business
    You can run delivery service for people who are selling and make money. All you needed to do meet with dealers of some items and tell them you are a delivery man that if any of their customer need item delivered to them, you can handle it. This doesn't required huge startup capital. You can do delivery using public transport till you have money to get your delivery equipments such as bike, Box and so on. If you have many clients you can Br making 5-10k daily from this business.

    5. Have Online Store
    You can have online store where you sell items online such as sell mobile phones. Yes you can start this business even if you don't have money at all. All you need to do is look for a dealer of the item that can trust you. When a customer buy the item you go to the dealer and collect the item then deliver it to the customer, when you get paid you remove your profit which you added and return the product cost to the seller. This will give you lot of money and still help you to own your physical shop later.

    There are some others as well but this is the little I can think of right now. Hope this is helpful? If you need more details you are free to ask me any question
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  3. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    You are right and thanks for your effort. God bless. If you are in Lagos you can consider frying of potatoes, yam, chicken in a very popular and busy area. You can start by 6pm to 8:40pm every day. I know of people doing this and anytime i'm passing by, there are always crowds there. This guys are making extra cool money from that business. If you can't run it yourself then buy all the equipment and rent a space at busy point. Hire sales people to do it for you. You can be paying them 500 each daily, 2 persons are OK. Or get everything ready and rent it to someone to be balancing 10k weekly.

    It's a good idea bro. I so much believe this will work well because from where the place I just mentioned their chicken is 500 naira, 200 naira and 100 naira with yam and potatoes they sell as well. You need and see the crowd every evening when i'm returning from office especially if the weather is cold.
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  4. Joy

    Joy Member

    Wow nice idea. I like this
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  5. Walexy

    Walexy New Member

    Hmmmmm, its a good one. Thanks.
  6. Ada

    Ada Member

    You guys are amazing. I want to add that shawarma business is also a very nice business to consider. It amaze me how someone came up with advance method in our plaza. You need to see the new strategic used of this shawarma business. They brought vehicle, with sales rep inside, including music DJ and they are selling like mad. I think I will need to snap the look and shoe you guys.

    You can start shawarma business with small amount of money if you have the interest. Just take a move, You can go to different bars, busy place and acquire space and put people in all the places to ma handling them. You can be making up to 15k daily from all your shawarma points.
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  7. Amanda

    Amanda New Member

  8. Rahrid

    Rahrid New Member

    I will appreciate if you capture sevetal photos of the shawarma business you talked about. And kindly inform us of the location as well. Thank you in advance.
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  9. Betty7

    Betty7 New Member

    Does it really works?
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  10. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    To make it you need to give yourself positive answers.
  11. Ada

    Ada Member

    Yes I will do that. My office is at the Nigerian army shopping arena. Oshodi Lagos
  12. Ada

    Ada Member

    Yes it work betty. You may ad well come up with a strategic idea that could even work better. This is some millionaires on the road with the big big car business and source of income. They have such in several places and it fetching them good money daily.
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  13. Tilda123

    Tilda123 New Member

    There are many ideas for business. I want to start my business too. I want to open my store. I think it is a good idea. I began to take the first steps in this. I decided that I want to sell clothes. This is a popular sphere. I found suppliers in Canada, I found a customs broker, with the help of which I will deliver my products. I decided that I would use the services of a customs broker http://Clearit.ca , because it is convenient. They will take care of all the delivery of my goods. It's comfortable!
  14. Amanda

    Amanda New Member

    Hi, To start a business with small investments you can bet on football https://777score.ke, you set the size of the investments yourself, and the profit can be much larger. You can start one at a time, and then connect to this people and earn on this is good money.
  15. Mrloveday

    Mrloveday New Member

    is it a prediction site?
  16. alisa7

    alisa7 New Member

  17. Jide

    Jide New Member

    Please dear am in Lagos and I need a little business idea i can set up before getting a better job. Now am looking at popcorn and sharwama with as low as 40 to 50k but don't actually know which one will favour me pass or the best. Pls advice me
  18. Jide

    Jide New Member

    Pls dear between popcorn and sharwama business which one do you think is more profitable and selling pls i need your advice...am in Lagos so am planning to set up either of the two with as low as 40 to 50k in alaba international market
  19. poliq

    poliq New Member

    I prefer trading crypto. It seems quite a reliable niche for earning money
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  20. Betty7

    Betty7 New Member

    I am trading too;) I prefer litecoin trading as it is has a bigger potential than other coins. Although lots of my friends have already built a stable passive income on it

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