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Cassava Farming In Nigeria: Guide On How To Start

Discussion in 'Agriculture Business' started by Lisa, Aug 21, 2018.

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  1. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Cassava farming is one of the most famous farming in Nigeria since time. In so many places and villages, their major of income there is cassava farming. As it's today garri is one of the most consumed meal in Nigeria today and farming of it is reducing day after day due to the fact that people prefer going to the city to look for Gold Mine Job where they just seat at office and control things. Cassava farmers in Nigeria have reduced to the ground so far as we speak.
    cassava farming in nigeria.jpg
    The fact that people are neglecting the the stress in cassava farming, many others who knows the right way to go about it is enjoying it honey. And they have office which some are thinking to work on. This days there is no available chances of undergoing hard stress in farming. I want to share an article someone wrote about cassava farming process in Nigeria to enlightening this in proudnaira with interest of farming on how cassava farming is done and how it can be started. This is a post that talk more about how to start cassava farming in Nigeria.

    Cassava is a tuber trim that is pretty much a staple meal in Nigeria. The uplifting news about this harvest is that it develops well in most every state of Nigeria
    Cassava and cassava related items are among the most devoured nourishment items in Nigeria. This is on account of relatively every person in Nigeria rely upon some cassava item for sustenance. Nourishments gotten from handling cassava include: garri, fufu, amala, starch, abacha, cassava flour et cetera.

    Nigeria is the biggest maker of cassava. However, there is as yet enormous under-supply of cassava in Nigeria. What's more, neighboring African nations where it is expended.
    Given this appeal for cassava and its related items. You would concur with me that cassava cultivating is a gold mine holding up to be investigated.

    Benefits of participating in cassava cultivating business include
    1. Not Capital Intensive: Unlike some product cultivating wanders that require immense capital cost to begin. Like rice cultivating. Beginning a business cassava cultivating business don't require millions. Another uplifting news about cassava cultivating is that it can be begun on an extensive scale. Or then again on a little scale. What's more, in the event that you have a land with a decent soil compose, half of the beginning expense has been dealt with.
    2. Low Management Cost: In some cultivating wanders, the cost of overseeing and keeping up the ranch is here and there higher than the underlying capital venture. In any case, in cassava cultivating, the cost of dealing with the ranch subsequent to planting is insignificant. What's more, require less pressure. This makes it a decent speculation choice. Since net benefit in the wake of deducting costs is typically high.
    3. Appeal: The interest for cassava and cassava related nourishments is high in Nigeria. Relatively every family rely upon cassava. Or on the other hand its result for sustenance. Truth be told, in Nigeria, you barely observe a man who doesn't eat either garri, amala, alibo (achicha), fufu, or even cassava flour bread. Along these lines, the interest for cassava either for prompt utilization or preparing into another item is high. Making cassava cultivating business a lucrative wander.
    4. Exceptional yield on Investment: With the correct assortment and great planting/administration hones. A hectare of cassava farmland, delivers around 25 tons of cassava. A huge amount of cassava is sold for between N16,000 to N18,000 in the southern piece of the nation. In this manner, at a normal cost of N17,000 per ton, 25 tons will add up to N425,000. Thus, in the event that you are cultivating around 10 hectares, you recognize what that implies. The cassava tuber can likewise be handled into various items like garri, cassava flour, cassava chips and so forth. Which are sold at higher costs. What's more, can be sent out to procure remote trade.
    5. Need No Formal Education: From time immemorial, Nigerians have been known to be great cassava ranchers. Thus, in as much as It is imperative that you have a foundation information of what it takes to begin cassava cultivating business. What's more, how to run it effectively. And in addition complete a broad research on the best cultivating hones. To guarantee high return and speedy profit for your venture. You needn't bother with a degree in edit science or product related course to participate in an effective cassava cultivating business. At last, dissimilar to some other cultivating organizations that require quick gather at development. Cassava have longer time of gather since it is an enduring product. It can remain for up to 11 months on the ground after development.
    Necessities For Cassava Farming
    cassava planting machine.jpg
    1. Strategy for success: Like I generally exhortation you, the primary necessity to prevail in any business wander is a bankable and practical marketable strategy.
    This ought to be done in the wake of leading careful statistical surveying. Also, thorough achievability examine. To find out the suitability of the business.
    This would empower you recognize the market estimate, capital prerequisite, your rivals, dangers to your survival in the market, et cetera.

    A decent marketable strategy will likewise fill in as a manual for keeping to the vision of the business. Advertisement endeavoring to accomplish the expressed objectives.

    2. Appropriate Land:
    arrive is the absolute most vital resource in cassava cultivating business. The procurement of land requires considerable measure of cash.
    What's more, it is additionally the dirt kind that decides the profitability of the cassava stems planted. What's more, the general gainfulness of your cassava cultivating wander.
    In this way, it is essential that you think about the accompanying while at the same time picking a land for your cassava cultivating business:
    a. Soil compose: Cassava develop well in Sandy loamy soil. This is on account of it channels water effectively. Along these lines, know this while picking your ranch site.
    b. Soil ripeness: It is similarly vital that you complete soil tests to determine the reasonableness of your expected homestead's dirt for cassava cultivating. This you can do by utilizing the administrations of a dirt researcher. Or on the other hand taking an example of the dirt to the IITA for examination.
    c. Availability: The homestead site ought to likewise be near the street. Or if nothing else motorable in order to guarantee simple transportation to the market.

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    3.Choosing a Good Variety: In cassava cultivating, the dirt kind contribute extraordinarily to the survival and development of the plant. Notwithstanding, it is the assortment of cassava planted that decides the span of the yield. Also, the benefit is dictated by the measure of the yield. That is the reason at reap, some cassava may be as little as a floor brush stick.

    While others turn out as large as yam tubers. Consequently, it is vital that you select a decent assortment for your ranch. In order to expect plentiful reap.

    In Nigeria, the assortments suggested for business cassava cultivating include: TMS 92/0326, TMS 4(2) 1425, TMS 30572, NR 8082, NR8083, TMS 81/00110.

    4. Manure: These are concoction added substances to enhance the richness of the dirt and bolster great yield. In a perfect world, NPK manure is the most preferabe sort of compost for cassava cultivating. This is connected half a month in the wake of planting your product.

    5. Herbicide and Lime: These two are utilized previously and amid the procedure of land planning. Herbicide is utilized for weed control half a month prior setting up the land. While lime is connected to diminish the acridity of the dirt amid arrive planning.

    6. Cultivating Machine: Other cultivating machines, for example, stem cutters, grower, tractors, control tillers, collectors et cetera may likewise be bought relying upon your capital. Be that as it may, in the event that you are beginning with somewhat capital, you may lease or rent the most vital ones like the power tillers.

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    Procedures Involved In Cassava Farming
    cassava tubers.jpg
    1. Land Clearing/Application of Herbicide: The initial phase in cassava cultivating is the land clearing process which includes the utilization of aggregate herbicides.

    The principal weeding of the farmland is around 10 days before setting up the land for development. To limit cost and the utilization of work, add up to herbicides are connected. At the rate of 4.5 liters for each hectare.

    2. Land Preparation (Tiling): This includes working the dirt either physically or mechanically. Be that as it may, in business cassava cultivating, mechanical land readiness utilizing tillers is fitting. As this revives the land planning procedure and spares cost of utilizing work for a considerable length of time.

    3. Use of Lime: The subsequent stage in business cassava cultivating is to apply lime to the dirt to diminish the acridity of the dirt. This is done at the rate of 250kg for each hectare.

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    4. Cassava Cultivation: In Nigeria, the planting of the cassava stem for the most part start by April and last till October of that year.

    On the normal, around 60 groups of the cassava stem is required as planting material to cover a hectare of farmland. This stems are cut into various bits of 25cm long per piece. Also, planted at a space of 1 metre by 1metre (1mx1m).

    To accomplish this specific procedure, you require at any rate between 4 to 5 laborers. Contingent upon how quick you need the activity done.

    5. Post-Planting Weed Control: It is more fitting to complete weed control around 10 weeks to arrive planning utilizing absolute herbicide. In any case, if for a few reasons you neglected to do this, at that point you are encouraged to expand for the blunder utilizing particular herbicide around 5 weeks in the wake of planting. Ideally, Primextra herbicide is utilized at the rate of 5 liters for each hectare of farmland.

    6. Manure Application: Fertilizers are connected to enhance soil supplements and thusly increment yield. This is done around two months after the planting.

    Application is typically by ring technique. At 6cm thick for every ring and 10cm far from the plant. You may likewise embrace brocasting strategy in the utilization of compost.
    Be that as it may, above all, abstain from showering the compost on the plant stem or clears out.

    The Cassava Harvesting Process
    cassava harvesting.jpg
    With great cultivating practices and administration. One hectare of farmland can yield between 20 to 25 tons of cassava roots.

    When you figure it out utilizing the recipe I gave before, you would know the normal salary. Contingent upon the measure of your farmland.

    Promoting The Product
    Before beginning the cassava cultivating business, you probably related to your potential clients. In this way, at this period, you are to get in touch with them and educate them of the accessibility of your item.
    Guarantee that the street prompting your ranch is Motorable. This would lessen the vehicle cost of moving your item to the market. And in addition make it simple for meaning clients to visit your homestead.
    You should process the gathered cassava tubers into different items like garri, cassava flour, cassava chips, et cetera. These have the possibilities of being sent out. What's more, produces more benefits.

    Begin Cassava Farming Today
    Participate In Eradicating Hunger And Poverty In Our Nation.
    Help other people As I Have Helped You By Sharing This Post.
    Drop Your Comment And Questions And I Would Be Glad To Furnish You With Enlightened Replies.
    See You At The Top!!!

  2. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Wow this lady you are amazing. How can someone get this cassava plantings machine? Do you have any idea the cost?
  3. Angela

    Angela Member

    Farming has become so easy, but our government here have not support to get all this machines to make the work easy,. That is why many of us are scared of the hard work there and they won't even buy it at good price that will encourage someone. why won't people run away from it. Look at this amazing machine doing work which 50 people will do for one week for just minutes. I tire for this country oh
    serome likes this.
  4. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    You maybe right. This machines are quite expensive. Buying it is one thing and importing it is another. Transporting it to your destination is another big deal. However if someone can acquire this, then cassava farming will Br nice in Nigeria. I'm really considering this since I saw it. I do wish to know more.

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