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Get 50% Investment Profit With A Legal Document

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Dr Akatakpo, May 11, 2019.

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  1. Dr Akatakpo

    Dr Akatakpo New Member

    Not all businesses guarantees a 10% returns every week and a 50% profit for investment capital.

    I had a friend that went into agriculture and he had to sell the idea to us. We invested, a lot of us and when the turn out came, he simply paid us off and we were shocked we made him achieved alot with our own money.

    Am not here to introduce you into agriculture, am here to invite you to a perfect platform that guarantees a 10% weekly payment for investment capital and a 50% profit for total investment.

    That is to say, you get 10,000 every week up to 15 weeks for 100,000 capital invested. This platform is no ponzi scheme and the secret to this can not be written here.

    You are free to check it out and see. No referral needed, just be a member, start with as little as possible, cash out, start again with the profit derived from the first investment and keep cashing out until you become a fixed member.

    So far, what the invested capitals are used for can not be told here, but you will be surprised to know more about this. Am a business man and i already have 13 members am paying for their money while am making much more by reinvesting the money. The company is still new but i have plans to make it a multinational investments company.

    Don't take this for granted. An agreement is made, a signed agreement where your money is guaranteed. An office has also been secured for this. So, trade with me and let me invest your money for you.


    So far, have been able to get 3 family members and 10 outsiders into it. Have been able to pay them off well with a smile on my face. I have business outlets where money comes from and i plan on doing more.

    You can start by showing your interest, then a proper negotiation/clarification will be made after which you are free to decide to either enter or not.

    Remember, it not a ponzi scheme and a legal agreement is reached before commencement.

    Thank you,
    Email : Beneikume@gmail.com
  2. ujoh

    ujoh Member

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