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Gtbank Transfer To First Bank: How Long Does It Takes?

Discussion in 'Production Business' started by serome, Jul 3, 2019.


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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    I made a transfer today for purchase of an item. The person I bought the item from is using Firstbank and I'm on GTbank. I made the transfer from GTbank to First bank and it has been for a while now the person hasn't still gotten his money and I can't go anywhere till he receive the money.

    I want to ask is someone here has experienced the issues and how long does it takes to deliver? What should I do at this point? Because I'm disappointed at both banks right now and I don't even know the one causing the delay.
  2. Angela

    Angela Member

    If that is the first time you are transferring from your GTbank account to that firstbank account of that person you should be ready to spend minimum not 40minutes plus.

    It always like that with first bank and GTbank. But if after that transaction you have need to transfer to that account again there won't be such delay again.

    My advice for you is to call GTbank customer care and make the complaint. They will give you 30 digit codes, then let your customer call his first bank customer care and lay the complain then provide them with the transaction code, if you want to fasten the time waiting.

    According to them, they said the delay is for 25minutes to prove the transaction was legally authorized and within that duration the if transaction is illegal the account holder could easily lay complaint and have money reverse.

    Hope this help you sir.

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