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Gtbank Transfer To Firstbank Daley

Discussion in 'Finance' started by Cytexglobal, Jul 14, 2019.

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  1. Cytexglobal

    Cytexglobal New Member

    Yesterday I had a huge trouble with my customer regarding the transfer made from Gtbank to my zenith account that took over 2hours to get deliver to me while the person has gotten alert from his bank but firstbank almost made me lost customer.

    Today I'm on it again now. Someone made a transfer to my firstbank now and I haven't still gotten my alert. Because of how yesterday happened i allow the person to go thinking it will credit. Here is 3 hours nothing yet.

    Those other proudnairans using Firstbank, please help is this how you are battling with GTbank to Firstbank transfer? Or this is error with my account.
  2. Ada

    Ada Member

    I can saw it general problem with Gtbank and firstbank. I don't think is only your because I had once experience this and it wasn't funny at all. This thing can make someone loose customers.

    In my time after waiting for 15minutes plus, I grew angry and call them immediately. After some questions they ask me to tell the customer to call Gtbank and get the reference code. So the customer did and at the point of doing all of that my alert came in.

    The only reasonable thing they could tell me is that this is the first time you are transacting transfer with the customer so it would take time and after this time next transfer from the customer will be very fast.

    This is to say it happen whenever a new customer transfer from Gtbank to your Firstbank account. Just be prepared to wait for 30 minutes plus for alert to come in.

    I pray you get yours or if Gtbank should reverse it back to the customer, end of the game for you or the customer would be nice to transfer it back again.

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