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Guide How You Can Start Ogbono Farming In Nigeria

Discussion in 'Agriculture Business' started by Ebuka, Jul 28, 2018.

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  1. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    Ogbono is a kind of vegetable used for cooking soup in Nigeria. When we talk of draw soup it either cooked by ogbono or ocro vegetable. The best to use is ogbono precisely.

    On this thread I want to share with you guide how you can start ogbono farming in Nigeria. All you need to know and complete process as I find online.

    Ogbono farming is by means of massive finished in African international locations which includes Congo, Angola, Cote d’ voire, Cameroun, Ghana, Togo, Benin republic and Uganda. In Nigeria it is cultivated in orchards via few states; Edo, Ebonyi, Cross River and Benue. Ogbono vegetation are extra frequently than no longer grown for their nuts, the fruit is like mango, oval in form and may be eaten identical way.. Ogbono juice is used within the manufacturing of jams, wine, jelly, and so forth. Using ogbono for soup is the best use. This a form of soup this is so cherished via many, it has wonderful taste and exquisite flavour. That’s one of the motives ogbono demand is typically on the growth.

    The scientific name is irvingia gabonensis, English call it African mango, wild mango or bush mango. Ogbono grows evidently within the wild bush and the fruits fall on their own time when they are well matured. The fruits are then allowed to decay or eaten for the seeds which are broken for the nut.

    There are different varieties of ogbono in Nigeria; the draw and the non draw type. Ogbono tree can grow up to about 40m in height with a temperature between 20-37°C; annual rainfall is between 120-150cm. They are planted in deep soil and also a seasonal crop. Studies shows that it is only aged persons that are into ogbono farming.

    Only very little has been done to increase their cultivation. This effort is from FG and Abia State Government who provided incentives and empowerment to ogbono farmers and intending farmers. But there is still a wide gap between supply and demand; the ogbono seeds we have is not enough to go round mainly because of population increase. Entrepreneurs and investors are forced to go to other African countries in other to meet up with the high demands.
  2. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    Acquire land in a farm place. Mechanized the land with tractor and harrow. Make the location geared up for planting through clearing the debris. Ogbono is excellent planted in a sandy loam soil this is rich in natural count number. They are planted in deep soil of approximately 150cm, with acidic PH of 4.5-7.0.

    It may be propagated via seeds and grafting, marcoting, cutting, air layering and budding. But propagation through seed is hard and can likely fail except you're nicely revel in or have a technical know how on how to move about it. Research done indicates that you have to dry the seeds in an ambient temperature after which soaked them in water for a day. This kind of approach guarantees 100% germination and maturity of the bushes might not soak up to10 years. However, grafting will live on and convey within three years.

    Ogbono farm may be managed quite like some other economic tree. Such as; weeding, irrigation, fertilization and ailment manipulate.

    It flora from March-June and has two fruiting seasons; April-July and September-October. The fruit is greenish while ripe with a brilliant orange pulp. It can be harvested by means of plucking the culmination manually through hand.
    Ogbono yield is determined by; the size management of trees, the kind and amount of fertilizer used and finally the labour applied.Processing of the seed has been a very big challenged but NIHORT has produced nut cutter that can easily cut the seeds shell. And the seeds will come out neat and fast.

    You have to dry your ogbono nuts to make sure they are properly dried before storing.

    Most times, is the buyers that will be looking for you to buy the ogbono seeds. Locate traders to supply to. Others are cosmetics company, juice industries etc.

    Advertise your product online for more patronizers and larger market.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2018
  3. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Nice post. God bless you author. I have one question. can ogbono be cultivated in all states of Nigeria are there are certain location, cities or state it grows better like onion or others similar crops?
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  4. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    Good to know that you ate following. Well ogbono is unlike onion. It grows in every states and almost every soul but it grows better and faster in a muddy swampy area however it as well grow anywhere. As for beginning it need watering to survive.
  5. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Ok thanks so much for the idea sir. How long will it take to start harvesting ogbono? please don't be offended on this question.
  6. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    I don't know much about this farming but i'm sure ogbono farming will take little longer to start harvesting it at least 6 to 2 years time. However it not a quick rich farming. I have seen some ogbono trees and they were really big in size.
  7. Oluchi

    Oluchi New Member

    It takes long time to have ogbono harvested. My priest has it in front of his house about 4 trees and it took some months to years before they starts producing fruits.

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