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How and Where to Start Shawarma Business in Nigeria and Make Good Amount of Money

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, May 6, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Shawarma is one of the easiest to start business in Nigeria that required small capital. As it's small amount of money such as 100k can start a very good and standard shawarma business in Nigeria.
    shawarma business in nigeria.jpeg
    However I know very well that some people on the business are already complaining that there is no market anymore. On this thread, let's share ideas how to start shawarma business and make money in Nigeria.

    For those of us in search on how to start, what you need to start is the machine, chicken or beat, shawarma cream, a good busy location and one note thing a location you know it close to a party or celebration home. However let's hear from some of our other friends on this forum.

    Please don't leave without contributing to this discussion or asking a question.
  2. Evawere

    Evawere Member

    to start shawarma business you need a location. A very busy location and your shawarma machine.

    I know of someone who started this business sometime ago. Though he was a graduate but after searching for job 3years no job, he started this business smale and today he now has shawarma in different location and have people employed and make good amount of money daily. At the beginning people take this funny at him but now he own his own house and cars and now.

    You too can start this business and make it big if your plan is good enough and you won't find it shameful.

    One of the coolest motives why this business is profitable is because there’s no restrict to how tons you could earn. There’s also no restrict to how massive it could become. It all lies to your imaginative and prescient and how passionate you're in making the commercial enterprise the largest in town.

    In this article, i’m going to talk about in information how you may start this commercial enterprise regardless of your place right here in Nigeria or everywhere inside the world. With the proper attitude, you’ll be capable of begin this commercial enterprise and understand your start-up capital within 3 months. Depending to your location, you won't even be able to preserve up with order.

    Shawarma can be considered as a snacks or a mild meal.. Usually taken for relaxation. Lovers, friends and own family typically visit these shawarma stands or spots just to have amusing. Shawarma is not any doubt one of the scrumptious aspect you’ll ever taste in lifestyles. Ladies specifically don’t comic story with it. At the end of this text, don’t hesitate to ask your questions and share this put up. By sharing, you’re supporting a person available.

    Gain good knowledge of Shawarma Business

    Before you delve into this enterprise, you have to learn how to put together a shawarma first. Not just any form of shawarma, one which’s conventional and attractive..Greater than every different shawarma in town. If viable, work below a seller for at least, every week. This will increase you with experience and additionally enhance your confidence. Starting a shawarma stand commercial enterprise is easy in particular if you have the understanding and revel in it takes to operate.

    Plan your Business Very Well

    Every enterprise desires a plan, a map that courses the owner how the adventure will pass. Not having a marketing strategy earlier than starting is like trying out the dep. Of a water with your two toes. If you can’t write your personal marketing strategy, perhaps you could contact a marketing strategy creator to help you out just for a bit price. Your business plan will assist you determine how a good deal you want to start with and the general weak point and power of the business. A marketing strategy will come up with an usual evaluation of things that affects the business, whether in a fine or bad manner.

    Register Your Business Name

    One of the most thing that will get you more serious is after you have registered your business. It will not only keep you serious but as well want to make you try hard. You won't want to give up even if things are not going as you plan. In other words you are as well doing the right thing as it's required for every business to have their name registered before operation. You can learn how to register a business name here.

    Make A Different

    This is also any other essential thing purpose you’re now not the only one on this business. To beat your competitors, you need to stand out in all remifcation. You should make sure that your shawarma flavor exceptional.. You need to make certain that the server is presentable and neat. Your surroundings topics too..

    It need to be easy and enjoyable. You can compliment your stand with a gradual historical past song. In such an ecosystem, your customers won’t thoughts deciding to buy something charge the shawarma value.

    Profit Area of Shawarma Business

    After an incredible research, I discovered that this commercial enterprise isn't always simply profitable, it’s a goldmine. Shawarma goes for N2000. The cheapest you can get it anywhere in Nigeria is N1500. It’s fascinating to note that it doesn’t take more than N600 to put together one shawarma. If you promote about 10 shawarma an afternoon at the price of N1500, that’s over N15,000. Shawarma stand enterprise is a beneficial project any day. Imagine making N15,000 consistent with day.. The exact issue is, you could promote greater than 10 shawarma in a day. Like I stated, I recognise a person who makes over N200,000 a day.

    Shawarma Business Requirements to Start

    • Shawarma Toaster
    • Deep Fryer
    • Deep freezer
    • Show Glass
    • Insect Killer
    • Fry Pan and Pots
    • Apron etc.
    The value of these materials range.. But with N500,000, you’ll be able to begin this business and comprehend your startup capital in three months time, relying to your vicinity and how difficult you work.


    Shawarma stand enterprise is beneficial, that’s only if you do it well. Below are maximum of the things that help appeal to customers thereby boosting sales.

    Choose Good Location

    Good location matters a lot. Go on a very busy location. You can be around a busy road or a place close to a busy bar. The good thing is that you can open more than 10 shawarma in different places and have people manage them for you.

    => TASTE: If your shawarma flavor awesome, no person will depart it for any other.. That’s why it’s good to accumulate the talent, to know a way to put together a great delicious shawarma.

    => PRESENTATION: The manner you bundle your exact, yourself and space affects clients’ responses.

    => HYGIENE: The server, environment, the whole lot and anywhere must be easy and tidy. No one will like to patronise a joint or spot whose owner isn’t hygienic.

    => PRICE: The rate additionally play a massive role.. If others are selling at N2000, please sell at N1950.. That little difference is what you want to overcome your competitors.


    Shawarma Stand commercial enterprise is a beneficial commercial enterprise that have been making people rich. You don’t want a university diploma, you furthermore may don’t need tens of millions to begin this business. All you need is the information and an awesome place to make it. Good element is; there’s no restrict to how tons you may earn a day. As you develop, you rent humans and end up the boss. Those who run the day after day operation at the same time as you relax at domestic and have a laugh along with your own family. Shawarma enterprise is the precise business all of us can do and it can make you the boss
  3. Ladila

    Ladila New Member

    Has anybody does it?
  4. Angela

    Angela Member

    You need a busy location. You need shawarma machine. You need assistant. You need shawarma equipments. You need chairs.

    You can advance your shawarma business to an extend of having a shop for it and as well adding more other business to it such as barbecue fish and and as well advanced in teams of services.

    Give your shawarma business value

    It depends how much your business mean to you but if it were to be me, I have dream of giving my business value. From the way we serve customers to the way the preparation is done and as well the comfortability of a customer. Have you thought of having such as a resting center such as eateries but all that we do there is shawarma and barbecue fish?.

    I'm talking from experience, there is somewhere there in Ikeja Lagos that does this. You need to see how people are queuing just to buy shawarma.
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    You idea share. You guys are amazing. Thanks for your time writing or editing all this.
  6. ujoh

    ujoh Member

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