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How Do I Withdraw My Money From Freelancer In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Victor, Jun 7, 2018.

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  1. Victor

    Victor Member

    Hello proudairans, I need your assistant regarding how I can withdrew my money made on freelancer. I'm in Nigeria and I don't have any means of withdrawing the money I have earned on freelancer.

    I don't have US PayPal account or have someone in Abroad that can help me withdraw the money and send it to me. How so you guys manage to withdraw your money on freelancer.com? I really need urgent assistants because I need some cash urgently and I have about $150 dollars on freelancer.
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  2. Evawere

    Evawere Member

    If you don't have PayPal account that can receive payment then you can use payooner account.

    Using payoneer account is more safe and and secure instead of using PayPal that may get ban. Payoneer will send you an ATM card you can use to withdraw your money in Nigeria. You can as well let someone over there in USA or Uk to use the PayPal account to withdraw it and send to your local account or using western union.

    This are the options you can use to withdraw you freelancer earnings.
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  3. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Yes.... When i was working at freelancer, the easiest way to cash out your money in Nigeria is through payoneer they will provide you an ATM card you can use to withdraw your money here in Nigeria.

    I would advice any people dealing with US account in Nigeria to be extremely careful as IP can change at anytime and that can affect your account and loose all your cash. Payoneer is still better.
  4. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    They have already said it all. Due to Nigeria criminal activities all over the internet, PayPal only gives us an option to pay with PayPal but no to withdraw with it. For this reasons you need to have a US manage PayPal account to receive payment with PayPal. Some people manipulate things so US PayPal account work even in Nigeria but it's a great risk as mentioned earlier on. Right now the only option ia left with payoneer.

    Almost all Nigeria online entrepreneurs now have payoneer account and ATM card they use in withdrawing their money in Nigeria.
  5. Ada

    Ada Member

    Get a payoneer account and withdraw your money with it. Payoneer now allow you to withdraw to your Nigeria bank account easily without having to stress yourself. You can as well use other means but payoneer is the easiest way to get your money Fron freelancer.com

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