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How to get started with bitcoin in Nigeria - How to Buy and How to Sell

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Andrew, Nov 12, 2017.

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  1. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    Bitcoin is now one of the most popular and richest investment in Nigeria as we speak. Considering the growth of this currency within the few months. People who invested N500,000 Naira (500k) April 2017 now make over 1.5m naira at November 10 2017.

    how to get started with bitcoin in Nigeria.jpg
    Bitcoin is growing huge day after day and lot of people have become of rich from these investment.

    What is Bitcoin
    Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a digital asset designed to paintings as a medium of alternate that makes use of cryptography to govern its advent and control, rather than relying on relevant government. The presumed pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto incorporated many present thoughts from the cypherpunk community when developing bitcoin.

    There are websites in Nigeria that accept bitcoin. You can now use bitcoin to buy some items online from Konga the largest online shop and so many people .

    How to get Started With Bitcoin in Nigeria
    To invest on bitcoin you needed to buy the bitcoin, there are websites where you can buy bitcoin in Nigeria with small amount such as 200 USD. It your choice how much bitcoin you want to buy.

    Where buy bitcoin in Nigeria
    As i stated above, there are many places you can buy bitcoin from. There are companies who now trade bitcoin as their business. They sell and buy, so to make it easy on yourself you can buy from them, but it will be of lot good to make sure they are trustworthy and legit.

    There are so many other places to buy bitcoin in Nigeria which are as listed below.
    Both of this platform i'm going to show you below serve as third party for selling and buying. The platforms brings sellers and buyers together, to communicate and meet with each other. None of this deal concerned both of you, the buyer and seller.
    • localbitcoins.com/country/NG: On this bitcoin platform, buyers and sellers of bitcoin come in to sell and buy. You have an option of calling the seller to meet with him or her while you also have an option of buying on the platform that enable to use the platform escow service. An escow service is where by you order for bitcoin on the website and the website put the bitcoin on suspension until the seller verify that you have paid before it get deliver to the buyer.
    • remitano.com/ng: As stated already, this two platforms plays same role. It help buyers find sellers of bitcoin.
    To invest in bitcoin you need to first open bitcoin wallet which is known as your bitcoin account. There are websites that offer bitcoin wallet for free and Nigerians can make use of them. To archive this i would recommend the best which i know of. The name is called blockchain wallet. That is the best that almost the whole global uses, though there are others but this i'm pretty aware of.
    To register visit https://www.blockchain.com/ and click sign up and feil all required details to open free bitcoin wallet.

    The first thing that is needed to get done if you want to invest in bitcoin is to get the wallet. When you successful have bitcoin wallet then you can move on to buy bitcoin into your wallet.

    This is all i can type for now, though there are more to say, this are the basic that can get anyone started. If you know much more about bitcoin then add to this post.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  2. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    Is there anybody who has bitcoin for sale? Please reply with your price and location immediately.
  3. Joy

    Joy Member

  4. Abubakar Mohammed

    Abubakar Mohammed New Member

    Yes of course, I have bitcoins available. I sell at N315 per dollar. I'm a verified exchanger you can reach me on 08103953855 or 07035907330
  5. Monterko

    Monterko New Member

    No way one could possibly want to deal with bitcoin now. Though it was quite hard for me to get rid off remains. I've tried to gamble them away but ended up buying PS4. Here's the casino syndicate.casino top games

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