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How To Make Over N10,000 Monthly From Gtbank Affiliate

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Oge Sophia, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. Oge Sophia

    Oge Sophia New Member

    Hello friends, welcome to my first thread on proudnaira. I want to share with you guys how i made 11,800 Naira last mont from Gtb GTBank. Most people don't even know this exist. I was just browsing online on a business website as well like proudnaira when i come across a post that shows the complete guide. I decided to give it a trail, for the first month i didn't take it serious but i made 3k. When that i was encourage to put more effort and last month i was able to made 11,800, though it's small one can use it to solve some aspect. If you can to earn from GTBank then read below how it works.
    Have you heard of GTB irefer?
    Gtbank is one of the largest bank in Nigeria, but with their numbers of all the customers they still need more. In order for them to archive this they gives you opportunity to earn money to refer your friends, families to register and bank with them. But how can someone get started with this. That, i'm going to show you here.

    Note that this is not easy, but you can decide to take it as full time job or just part time job. As for me, i didn't take it as full time job, i only wanted to make some extra cash to my normal job. At least let us still earn from Nigerian banks not only them collecting and saving our money lol.
    The process is easy.

    Step 1. Visit any GTBank closer to you and make request for i-refer form. You can fill the form there and submit to them and wait for approval. Approval does't take time at all. as soon as you submit it, an i-refer code will be generated for you instantly.

    Step 2. Anybody you invite will get an email asking them to open any kind of account with GTBank in Nigeria.

    Step 3. As soon as the person open account with GTBank, you get N100. This means you will make N100 Naira open every registration. As i mentioned above the money is not too much nor is it really coming easily like ponzi schreme. You have to work really hard for it. However i consider it better than doing nothing. It better than waiting for someone to give you money before eating or buying what suites you.

    If you can work really hard, you can earn more than even 15k monthly. Since making money is not easy in Nigeria, i consider this one of the cool way to make money in Nigeria. Before you start there are some of their rules i will like want to tell you about so you know right from beninning.

    GTB irefer Rules And Regulations
    If you must join GTBank I-refer, you need to know this things. You must keep to this rules for you to get your payment.
    1. The first one is that the people you refer must be dedicated account holders of the bank not register and run users. For this reasons, you will not get paid for who you refer till they have stayed active with the bank for minimum of one month.
    2. Another crazy thing GTBank mentioned is that the person who you refer must obtain the GTBank master ATM card before you can get payment for that person. They are doing this to make sure the customer is serious with the bank. Crazy though because not everyone want to collect their atm card.
    3. As i mentioned above, i stated that a code will be generated for you upon your registration to GTB i-refer. You must make sure this code is correct when referring someone or they won't pay you for that person if the code it not given to him/her correctly. Make sure you take note of this aspect as is very important.
    That is all you need to know however if you would want to know more, don't hesitate to ask questions. Thanks for reading my threads and i'm happy to contribute to this forum. Try it and give me feedback

    Best regards friends.
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  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    Good idea, but I expected GTbank to pay something better than 100 with all this high given conditions.
  3. ujoh

    ujoh Member

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