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How To Produce/hatch Catfish Fingerlings In Nigeria - Easy Guide

Discussion in 'Agriculture Business' started by serome, Jul 28, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Catfish fingerlings are baby fishes that farmers needs to train into big fishes and sell to consumers. For some reasons some farmers i have come across don't like buying from other source, rather they will prefer to breed their own fish fingerlings themselves. One of the reason they don't like buying from other breeders is because they may wrongly get a bad fingerlings which is not the first set of the breeding that may leads to shortage of their farming. That doesn't mean that you cannot buy fingerlings from other farmers who are mainly into fingerlings breeding.


    But if you have interest in wanting to harsh your own fish fingerlings yourself for better profit and fast selling assurance then you should take your time to read this post carefully. Note that i'm not the original author for this post, but while replying to one of the thread created by an author of best business to invest on in Ibadan, i made a reference to fish farming and i have to make a research where i come across this post and i decide just sharing it with you guys for better understanding of what i was referring to.

    Catfish eat at night and will consume the
    algae in your aquarium. Most species of
    catfish live in fresh water while few
    species live in salt water. The catfish
    species most commonly bred in aquariums
    is the bristlenose pleco because of its
    maximum size of 5 inches. Male and female
    catfish are hard to differentiate when
    young, but when the male becomes older it
    develops bushy bristles on the middle of its
    face and on its top lip; the female catfish
    will develop short bristles around her top
    lip. Baby catfish are referred to as fry.


    1. Prepare catfish for
    breeding by
    providing them with a nutritious diet such
    as steamed zucchini, beans or peas. Catfish
    also like blood worms and enjoy chewing
    on driftwood. Ensure that the water in the
    aquarium is between 73 F and 84 F and
    that the pH value is neutral or slightly
    acidic. Provide a cave for breeding such as
    an empty ceramic flower pot placed in the

    2. Move catfish to a separate aquarium
    before spawning to prevent their eggs and
    fry from being eaten by other adult fish.

    3. Insert a leaf of blanched lettuce in the
    aquarium for food once fry are free-
    swimming, which is when they are about 5
    days old. As fry grow larger, feed them
    newly hatched brine shrimp or

    4. Change water every day as fry are very
    sensitive to waste. Drain water through a
    net to catch the fry. Do not use a siphon as
    fry can become stuck.

    Fry feed off their yolk sacs for the first few
    days of life and thus do not require to be
    fed immediately upon birth. The female's
    eggs will be attached to the inner of the

    Get a catfish farming manual and VCD today
    www. catfishfarminginnigeriavideos. blogspot. com
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    Hi boss and everyone else who it may concern . Here is another easy way to have it done. To hatch catfish fingerlings just follow the steps below.

    1. Inject the female Catfish with Ovulin(0.4 ml)
    2. After like 8-10 hrs, extract the egg from the female into a plastic bowl
    3. Prepare a salt solution(not much salt)
    4. Remove the male sperm
    5. Wash the male sperm with the salt solution into the female egg
    6. Mix the eggs with a plastic spoon
    7. Spread a net in the pond by allowing it to float
    8. Spread the eggs on the net
    9. Wait for like 24 hrs for the egg to Hatch
  3. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for your contribution yo my thread.

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