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How To Start A Bed Sheet Selling Business In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by foster04, Sep 10, 2018.

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  1. foster04

    foster04 Member

    Virtually in every house in Nigeria you enter you will find a bed where people find comfort when they want to sleep or rest. Since the bed is very important in a house people tend to decorate their beds with different colourful bed sheet even if majority of the people that will come into their home will not cross the seating room not to talk of entering their bed room. For the fact most people like to be clean, most homes you enter has more than 5 bed sheets for the masters bedroom which they change regularly and same goes for the kids room and visitors room and are still likely to buy more making the bed sheet business a lucrative business to go into.

    What Is A Bed Sheet Business?

    A bed sheet business can be defined as the process of selling bedding materials which includes bed sheets and pillow cases to people in need of it.

    Is The Bed Sheet Business Worth Going Into?

    Come to think of it, there are lots of houses being built almost every week in Nigeria alone wheater it’s for personal use or for rent and when people move into such houses most especially bachelors and splinters they must purchase a bed and need a bed sheet to lay on it. The business is not widely known by much people but it’s profitable if you go into the business for the right reasons. One advantage of the business is that it is used by both the high class and low class individuals which makes the market large enough to explore.

    What Do I Need To Start This Business?

    Unlike other businesses that require having a passion for it or a major skill to operate the business, the bed sheet business can be done by anyone at any time without much effort. The business can be done both full time and part time and all you need is finance to kick start the business and a marketing strategy to showcase your products to the masses.

    How Much Do You Need To Start This Business?

    The Bed sheet business does not have a specific amount you can use to start the business, with as little as ₦20,000 you can start and scale your business to bring in a reasonable amount of profit every month.

    Who Should You Market You Business To?

    Since bed sheet is used by everyone, you can start of by making your friends and family members your first customers. In Nigeria, thousands of students gain admission into the university and its necessary they have a bed sheet to cover their beds so you can also go to schools to sell your products. There are other places where you can market your business which includes: hospitals, hotels, guest houses etc.

    How Do I Start This Business?

    Starting this business entails you first deciding how you want to approach the market so as to reduce cost and make more profit. There are basically two ways in which you can start this business which includes:
    1. Buy and sell already made bed sheets and pillow cases
    2. Making bed sheets yourself and selling
    Buy and Sell Already Made Bed Sheets and Pillow Case

    If you are looking for an easy way to start this business then this is the route you should follow. This involves you buying already made bed sheets either local or imported at a cheaper price and selling it to people. When you follow this part, you should make sure that whatever bed sheet you purchasing must be of high quality if you want people to continue patronizing you. Once you have successfully gotten the products ready, you can go ahead and start marketing them.

    Making Bed Sheets Yourself

    Making a Bed sheet yourself is not as difficult as you may think, I would say it is much cheaper as all you need is to purchase the material (Make sure its quality), either sew it yourself or give to a tailor to sew it for you then you package it and start selling. There are lots of places you can get quality bed sheets materials at cheap prices Balogun in Lagos, Aba is a good place to source for materials.

    No matter the method you decide to use, one this you should know is that you should make yourself acquainted with the different fabrics that can be used for Bed Sheet be it, cotton, silk, bamboo rayon, modal etc.

    Other Ways Of Marketing Your Products

    I know I have showed you some ways you can market your products but if you want to go a step further so that much people can patronize you here are what you should do

    1. Make you Bed sheets colourful and of good quality
    2. Go Social: Social media should not be neglected by any business that wants to succeed, it helps you reach people that ordinarily would not be able to locate you.
    3. Use TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines etc. to promote your business
    4. Sign up for Jumia merchant program: this involves you taking a photo of your products and listing it on their website to when people order for it, Jumia does the delivery of the products and you get your percentage without stress.
    With this, you are ready to start you bed sheet business and can scale it to any level you so desire.

    for more business ideas visit http://naijahowtozone.com.ng
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  2. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for this idea sir. Where can someone buy bedsheets in bulk in Nigeria to resell.
  3. foster04

    foster04 Member

    You can go to Balogun market in Lagos or Aba to get bed sheets.
  4. Skyro

    Skyro Member

    This question is something that doesn’t even need an answer. An average house in Nigeria has more than 10 bedsheets, and they keep buying more and more. The truth is that most people buy from people they know, and you can be one of them.

    The interesting and inspiring factor is that when you sell about 10 to 20-bed sheets in a week. You would be making a profit of about N20k to N40k even more depending on how many bed sheets were sold. Some people who want to start bed sheet business in Nigeria go as far as importing the bed sheets from foreign countries to sell. But I will tell you with all certainty that you would make a loss if you import. I see no reason why you should import bed sheets from foreign countries when it is possible to make one here. Get a working sewing machine or employ a good tailor, and other necessary requirements and you are good to go.

    If you check out some e-commerce web pages like Jumia and Konga, the price range slated for a bed sheet is about N4500 to N9000. The profit from each bed sheet sold on e-commerce sites is slightly higher than those that sell for themselves.

    1. Bed sheet business is very easy to start up.
    2. It is comfortable and convenient to manage.
    3. The startup capital is low and thereby making it affordable for people to start.
    4. Bed sheet business can be run on a part-time basis. You can even start the business and employ somebody to manage the place.
    5. It is very possible that the bed sheet business can generate about a million or 2 every year.

    Before you start bed sheet business in Nigeria, consider these facts laid down below:
    • All homes make use of bed sheets
    • Not every bed sheet outlet sell quality made bed sheet.
    • Hotels, schools, hospitals require bed sheets.
    Also before you start up the business, you must be able to:

    • Have the knowledge and understanding of the best quality fabric that majority of people like.
    • Know where they sell quality fabric for making bed sheets.
    • Have a good marketing skill to be able to sell your already made bed sheets.


    Actually, there are 3 amazing ways you can start bed sheet business in Nigeria. You have to make a decision on how you are going to start the business. You can start by:

    1. Selling bed sheets that are made already.
    2. Selling bed sheet fabrics to people or getting a tailor to sew the fabrics into the bed sheet.
    3. Reselling of bought bed sheets and bed sheet fabrics.
    Let us explain the startup points one by one below:
    1. If you must start the business using the first point, you must employ a supplier. Your supplier will do the work of buying the bed sheets, re-sewing the bed sheet and packaging them in a new format. You are only required to sell them to people and make your profit. This particular method is easier, and convenient for those who want to do the business part-time. This method again makes you: Not to bother in your search for tailors, not to waste time packaging the bed sheets.

    1. This second point is a lot cheaper than the other method but the downward factor is that it is very stressful. You are required to seek for good quality fabrics, sew them(or get a tailor), package them yourself and give it a name before you sell them. It is, however, important to note that packaging and labelling your bed sheet before selling them is very vital. This method requires you to:
    • Have a tailor you can bank on. You can also decide to sew it yourself for extra profit.
    • Buy a bed sheet packaging nylon on standby
    • Quality fabrics to be used.
    • Have a good labelling name.
    • Have a good understanding of the bed sheet business in Nigeria
    If the aforementioned points mentioned can be fulfilled, then you are good to go in ma aking huge profit.

    1. The third method is very much expensive to start. It involves the selling of bed sheets and bed sheet fabrics to people. It is advisable to get a shop where you would be displaying the bed sheet and the fabric to prospective buyers. You are to buy the bed sheet and the fabric in large quantities and sell. Buying in small quantities would demand from you extra money to be wasted and its time consuming.

    1. A reputable tailor to sew good bed sheet.
    2. A good place where you can purchase quality bed sheet or fabric at affordable prices.
    3. Enough capital, not necessarily much capital.
    4. A shop or warehouse to store fabrics or bed sheets.
    5. Good labelling of the bed sheets.



    The amount of capital needed to start a bed sheet business in Nigeria all depends on your mode of operation. It is easy and cheap to operate from the comfort of your home. But it is a lot difficult and expensive when you decide to rent a shop and start the business. If you have enough money, it is advisable to rent a shop.

    Reason being that people will see your business more than when you start it in your home. The amount needed to start the business can be as low as N40,000- N60,000 and I can guarantee you it would make a good profit for you.

    How to advertise bedsheets to Generate Profit
    I will conclude with the marketing strategy you are expected to have in order to flourish in the bed sheet business. There are several ways to advertise bedsheets to generate maximum profit, and I will explain the following ways.

    Instagram Marketing
    This is one of the best places to advertise bedsheet business. Instagram has a very high engagement rate for businesses that require visuals. So if you can get quality picture samples of your bedsheets, you can make so much money by using Instagram. While delivering to your customers, you can ask them to make a video of their beds after spreading the bedsheet you sold to them.

    After that, you can then share it on your Instagram page and ask your followers to like and share the video. The more likes and engagements you have, the more visibility your page will have.

    Facebook Adverts
    One of the best ways to advertise bedsheet once you start a bed sheet business in Nigeria is to use Facebook Ads. The good thing about starting a bedsheet business is that you need to just post pictures and show people the beauty.

    The Before and After picture of your customer’s bed can actually help convince people that your bedsheets are beautiful.

    Nairaland Signature
    If you are not on Nairaland, then you are missing. This is a forum that has over 2million members visiting the site. All you need to do is the following;

    • Open a thread to advertise your bedsheets
    • Post beautiful pictures
    • Create testimonials from clients
    • Then take the link of the thread and paste it on your profile handle.
    That way, whenever you post anything on any thread, people will see your business signature and click on the link. Once they click, they will be redirected to the page where you advertise your business.

    You can also create flyers or handbills and distribute to the public e.g schools, hospitals, homes telling them that you sell good and quality bed sheets. It can also serve as a way to advertise bedsheet to make money. You can also market your bed sheet business via social media pages e.g Twitter, Facebook.

    Overall, if you must succeed in bed sheet business in Nigeria, you must be able to get good quality fabric materials that will not fade with time. This would enable you to get more customers that will continue to patronize you every time.

    Don't read for just yourself, share with your friends - because you love them. Please!!!

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