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How To Start A Small Restaurant Business In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Ebuka, Jul 16, 2018.

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  1. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    Restaurant business is a lucrative business in every society since human can't live without eating. To start a restaurant business in Nigeria you must have in mind that good location maters a lot and means of management as well matters. On my research online i come across this helpful tips of how start a restaurant business and i wish to share with proudnaira readers.

    Want to know how to start small restaurant business in Nigeria? then read this article.

    As i have mentioned before food enterprise is one of the organizations in Nigeria that has a high rate of earning with regards to making quick picks up. Junk food significantly is an outlet for offering sustenance and other gut related things. In many regions in Nigeria, they are prominently called Mama-Put. How about we take salaried specialists as a contextual analysis.

    Consider "Mr. X" who is working for a multi-national organization, and it is compulsory that he arrives work at a given time, and furthermore close at a specific time.

    Suppose he continues work by 08:00hrs and closes by 17:00hrs. Returning home he gets excessively worn out yet needs, making it impossible to bolster. He takes steps to eating outside.

    This is only a contextual investigation to demonstrate to you what a few people particularly single men are going through. Presently envision there is a cheap food joint around that region, Mr. X will undoubtedly be a full-time client to the proprietor of the cheap food joint.


    The productivity rate of cheap food business can't be overemphasized. Keep in mind that you get the chance to purchase these sustenance things in mass at likely a settled cost or at a lower rate, you return, get ready it, and pitch to individuals as indicated by estimation. E.g. in the event that you buy a group of ready plantain for N3000, you realize that a solitary cut of plantain which you would offer would go for N10. Presently, crunch the numbers.

    Envision offering each cut of plantain for N10 times the entire cuts you would get from the entire group of plantain you purchased.

    Now, we have not by any means considered the entire bundle of the plate which on the off chance that it is being considered, we would see that you are profiting from each plate of sustenance sold.

    For this business, there are two particular methods for getting your cash. You can choose to possess a shop or a format where you have umbrellas for individuals to eat under, while you have a stand near where your umbrella is found.

    Then again, you can choose to be versatile. Being portable as in, rather than sitting at a place and sit tight for clients to come to you, you have the obligation of going down to meet them.

    The two techniques are as yet beneficial however, one is by all accounts more distressing than the other. The advantage of going versatile is that you would get the chance to connect with more individuals who can't leave their work environment looking for nourishment.

    Take, for instance, the brokers, site specialists and other individuals in the city who might be in their homes. In this write, you take the business to them as opposed to sitting tight for them to come to you. Any of them is gainful.

    Request Analysis
    As of late, an investigation has demonstrated that skipping breakfast is one of the most exceedingly terrible things one can do to his/herself. Breakfast is as essential as the air we relax. A great many people are so broken down.

    They don't have room schedule-wise to complete a large portion of the workplace employments talk less of going home to cook. It is on this note one can see that, setting up a drive-thru food joint is important.

    The interest for nourishment by individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds is high and anyone who can give them what they need, that is their identity going to belittle.

    Training To Become a Professional Cook is Needed
    Cooking is a genuine business. The learning expected to maintain this business isn't being instructed in schools. You have to know how to cook since what you present to your clients is the thing that either advances you or downgrades you.

    Startup Capital is Required
    At this point, it is time to go deeper, let us center around doing the business in a shop. You would agree with me that the fund required here is that for the obtaining of things required for startup and as well maintaining for a while till the business is finally archive it goal. These things incorporate; pots, spoons, plates, seats and tables, table garments, sustenance fixings and so on.

    Get a Good Location
    Location is very important when it comes to restaurant business, Not every location is consider good for restaurant business. as for me i would suggest you get a place close to factories, mall or plaza's. You can make physical research in your location to know which location will be good for the type of food you will be cooking.

    Draw Your Business Plan
    With the goal that you don't get into tight corners, you need to take a seat and examine what you are tied in with going into. On the off chance that this is really the first run through of doing this business, it is fundamental you ask from individuals who have been in it before you. Become acquainted with the good and bad times engaged with the business.
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  2. Angela Love

    Angela Love New Member

    Thanks dear for d info
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  3. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    This is amazing. I appreciate the info. In addition to this. For those of you who want to go into food business. One of the best thing that bring customers to your restaurant is the quality of food and the affordability of your food. You must first set your food table to be cheap. Make your food cheap and sweet. Make sure your meat and fish are big. Your can as well make sure you keep your restaurant environment clean and as well you and your staff should stay neat.

    People love good manners. Attend to them in good manners and keep your business in prayer. That all you need to grow your restaurant business. As said by @Ebuka, location really matters alot so make sure you get a busy location.
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  4. Angela

    Angela Member

    The best way to get many customers is to make your food available. You can either make your meat big or make your food cheap. Make sure you take your time in the cooking aspects to be sure you cook the best quality food.

    Go for the meal that people in your location like and always make sure you appreciate your customers. According to @serome on his new post how to get more customers for your business and how to retain them. He stressed that you should do all you could to be of good manners and respect them.

    From there they will keep bringing more people to you and before you know your restaurant will be full with people. Be it small place or not, people can come to you if they are satisfied with what they are getting from you.

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