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How to Start Business With N10,000 Naira or Lesser in Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, Mar 19, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    So many question on going, the most ask is business to start with small amount in Nigeria. How can someone start a business in Nigeria with small amount of money?. Well I understand the economic of the country is no longer friendly, not even smiling at all. Starting a business is a good idea and we are going to discuss on this post, how to start business with 10,000 naira or less in Nigeria.

    How to Start Business With N10,000 Naira or Lesser in Nigeria
    Having your personal business in Nigeria is not just something good but indeed a great achievement to be in the future.

    Never neglects the saying of starting small and grow big. The fact is that most business you see huge and have become a company today's once started small.

    The Truth is that if you can't manage a small business, it simply means you cannot handle a huge business.

    Today there is a good news for those who wish to start their own business today and grow big. I will share with you list of business that 10,000 or lessee amount can start well in Nigeria.

    Now let's get startee

    What kind of business can I start with small amount in Nigeria?

    Do you have up to 10000 naira at hand now, if so then try any of this business ideas that you are OK with.

    1. Small Okrika shoes and cloth business

    One of the best and fast business is okrika business. For me I recommend start with advance okrika shoes. A bail of okreka shoes is 9000 and the Nigerian army shopping arena. You may get up to 200 shoes inside one bail. Some shoes in that bail may worth 2k each. For fast sales sell to retailers at cheaper rate.

    There is someone who started this business closer to my office inside he arena, he started with half bail, but today as I write this article he now offload over 30 bails. It all started like a joke and no one expected he can grow so fast. Most of my shoes today, I bought them from him. The reason people go for tokunbo shoes is because most of the shoes are from US and they are original that are advance in maturity and last very long.

    2. Start a Bread Toasting Business in Nigeria

    Do you know of a very busy place. If you are in Lagos then look for a market, plaza or mail that is very busy and popular. There is no doubt that human cannot survive without food. It close to impossible to be happy when you have not eating for a whole day.

    Bread toasting business is one of the lucrative business to start wlif you are in a busily location. People like fast food so there is no doubt you will always make money from this business.

    3. Sell popcorn on a busy location

    For this is you in Lagos, you know of the life there and how tire one can be in the evening when coming from work. People are in need of what could keep them busy and boost their strength till they get home. At this point something lite like popcorn is what comes in the mind. They can't be looking for food so snacks is what they want for the moment.

    People are making huge amount of money from popcorn business in Lagos state. I know of someone who started this business along a busy road, and today she now has huge office where she produce popcorn. She no longer sell at roads or street. She bow has a packaging and name on her popcorn and now sell in wholesale to retailers at shops.

    4. Sell food in a busy location

    To prepare food for a start is not more than 6,000 naira and something's you will need to start are rolling truck, cooler, take away plats and prepare quality good food.

    Where I use to buy food when I'm at office is a little place, not even built but a place where the owner role his rolling truck to every day to sell his food. A man is managing the place with over 4 sales help and I tell you, before you could be attended to, you will stay for I've 15-25 minutes due to the crowd that use to be there.

    They only rented the space, no building, no thing else, all they do is cook the food at home and role it there to sell. This man is making over 25,000 as a daily profit from that small business. This is how business is, stop looking down on yourself. Stand and set up something today with God on your side you will be successful.

    Always remember that trying something is far better than doing nothing.

    In addition, I will be updating this post with nore small business ideas in Nigeria and how to start. Know that the title of this thread is how to Start Business With N10,000 Naira or Lesser in Nigeria. You are free to add to this thread and as well ask question.
  2. Ada

    Ada Member

    You are amazing thanks for sharing this wonderful idea the boss. I admire the bread toasting business.

    I want to ask the current price of bread toaster and won't this business require generator? Can you just help in listing what the bread toasting requires and cost to start estimate?
  3. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    The boss, thanks so much. In addition I want to add that starting business with 10,000 works in every location. Some people will say, it works only in Lagos and not in Delta or Rivers State.

    The fact remains that who ever is saying that is still not yet ready to start business.

    All you need to do is, search for what people in that location needs but still lack and then come up with a good business idea. If you can help people to archive what they want then you can make money.

    If you are in business that is not earning you or been profitable or fast growing, it either you are not in the right business for that location or you are not doing it the right way.
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator Staff Member

    1. Sell plantain chip's.
    2. Sell popcorn in a busy street or road
    3. Sell okrika known as gbogbo
    4. Sell pure water (you can let people do the selling for you and pay them at the end of the day
    5. Sell food around popular market; you don't have to start big. You can start small and grow big
    6. Sell soft drinks around a popular place
    7. Start zobo production and sales
    8. Help people to sell their products
    9. Do Agbero a.k.a conductor .... Lol
    10. Sell women facial products.
    11. Invest in business or industries that gives 100% for your investment monthly
    12. Do cleaning agency (clean people compounds and offices for money)
    13. Sell cloths locally. You ca deliver to people at their office or homes. You just have to be a convincing type a.k.a talkative.
    14. Start little shoes production and sales. Make your shoes and sell them to people.
    15. Learn handwork you love doing...

    Wow, wow, wow, hope i tried naa? Have a nice day friend.
    Ebuka likes this.
  5. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    This is amazing. Thanks for this wonderful ideas. You all on Proud Naira are amazing.
  6. ujoh

    ujoh Member


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