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How to Start Importing Phones From China to Nigeria for Sale

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, May 6, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Hello proudnairans, I want to make good enquiry regarding this business and I do need absolute guide please. As for me and others that maybe here soon, we like importation of phones from China to Nigeria to sale to retailers or others. But don't really have good idea of how to go about it.

    My question is that, how can one start this business of importation of phone from China to Nigeria? Since I don't have the money and visa to travel to China yet, how can I be doing the business?

    Where do I buy from and how can I ship my items to Nigeria without spending too much.

    What I would really want to go into is phone importation knowing the high demands of phones in Nigeria.

    Please share your helpful ideas with me and never leave without contributing to this thread and if something you don't understand then ask the gurus entrepreneurs on this phone question here.
  2. Evawere

    Evawere Member

    There are many ways to import from China without you going to China. As it's we are now in a global world where things have been made easy. With just your phone you can make order from China and have it deliver to you in Nigeria.

    Before you think of going into importation business you should have idea how it work. It will take over 3-6 weeks for your item to arrive Nigeria, this period of time if you don't have cash with you then you will end up broke. So don't use all the cash with you to order the phones. It can be quicker but the shipping cost will be high due to the fact that they will go through air instead of sea and something cheap in price.

    To import phones to Nigeria you need to check some of the China website such as Alibaba.com and Aliexpress.com and made-in-china.com

    Look for the product you would love to order contact the seller, demand to chat with him on Skype or whatsapp. On Aliexpress deal there is for sure but they are more expensive that is why people prefer going on alibaba and aliexpress.

    As a beginner request for a sample so you can confirm they are real before placing bulk order. And as well you would want to know if the item you want to buy meets with your requirements so a sample order is what every new importer must first required.

    As a beginner I would advance you buy from only seller that accept escow payment which mean you will pay the money but it be held in escow, the seller will not be able to withdraw the money till you receive the item and click confirm that the item has been sent to you. Though so many sellers will not accept it due to the fact that their money will be tied down for a while. However who ever want to keep serious business relationship with you for next time would accept.

    Escow payment is more secure because without receiving the item the money will not be release to the seller.

    The best way to ship is through company that ship to Nigeria, not too cost and not too delay. I will refer some legitimate shipping companies that you can use to ship items from China to Nigeria here.
  3. Ladila

    Ladila New Member

    China is a very good start for business
  4. Angela

    Angela Member

    Phones are really selling cool in Nigeria however going for unpopular in Nigeria can cost you lots of money in advert of even makes you waste time and as well have your money tied down.

    If you wish to import phone from China then go with nice phone. The process is as follow.

    Decide either you going to China and send someone going to China to help you search for phone dealers over there. Get you their contact and start conversation.

    You may chat with them on Skype or more places. And not the last you would want them to ship it to you in Nigeria after payment depending of agreement. If you start through this means you are more secure.

    Another way is online importation. If has risk involved and as well 55% means of starting importation this days.

    Over 70% of importers today's started like this but however many has gone of it due to risk involved and lose of capital.

    Aliexpress is the best place to order phones online. Where your security will be 85% guaranteed. You can start with visiting www.aliexpress.com and register. You may as well wants to download the aliexpress app on google play store.

    Search for phone dealers there and find the phone you would likely wants to import. Get a good view of the phone and make sure it already popular phone in Nigeria to be rest assured your money and sales of it and worth of the phone is guaranteed.

    One thing I notice about aliexpress is the cost of products there. From my view they are really not friendly and it difficult to find popular phones there.

    You may likely want to introduce a new product in the Nigeria phone market if you have enough money to promote the product to gain recognition. It will be a good investment in the nearest future. Just as Gionee, tecno, infinix and the rest did.

    Shipping your product to Nigeria is another aspect to consider. You can tell the seller to help you do shipping whereby taking the product to your choice shipping company. See the best shipping company to ship item from China to Nigeria here.

    Within 4 -10 working days your order phone will arrive Nigeria and all you need is to go pick them up and had them clear.

    This is all the info I can help with on this thread. If you think you need more info then ask me in your reply below.
  5. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Where Can You Purchase Goods To Import?
    Online marketplaces that market products at lower prices are here below:


    This is among the main destinations for small importers in small scale and they sell at wholesale prices. Aliexpress is among the branches of Alibaba Group and Alibaba presides over ecommerce in the nation of China. The portals of Alibaba made sales that is reached $170b (1.1 trillion Yuan) and this is more than Amazon.com and eBay.

    Alibaba estimation of worth ranged from $55 billion- $120 billion and Aliexpress was launched as an online retail service and this is in the year 2010. There are over 20 categories of products and they market to buyers and users that have registrations in over 220 countries.

    This platform is an ecommerce enterprise to enterprise website and they bring medium and scale businesses and buyers together. It is a quick trading market where the users make orders directly for Chinese products their operations began in 2004 and there are backing investors like Warburg Pincins, KPCP and JAFCO. Customer support is available and this is through phone support, email messages and chatting online.

    The primary language of the website is English and other languages are Spanish and French and they offer diverse products and you can go to their website.

    The company Ipart.com began in the 2001 and they are into wholesale marketing and their products are from Malaysia, USA and China. Ipmart.com is different and this is because they deal mainly on electronic gadgets like accessories and spare parts, game consoles and mobile phones.

    Now if your importation is mainly technology, then Ipmart applies and you can visit the site is www.ipmart.com. You first sign up in order to become a member that is registered and then you click on ‘ Register’ and input your name, password and email address that is valid. You can register or sign up and this is by making use of the account of your Facebook.

    When you complete your registration, begin adding items to cart and begin shopping and once you make an order and input details, a payment page comes out.
  6. Connor

    Connor New Member

    We are from a professional trading company located in Yiwu(The Biggest Wholesale Market in The World) ,China,we can provide you fast moving consumer goods(FMCG) with good quality and better price,such like children toy,all types of hardware,building materials ,electronics,tools and stationery produt.
    It is only for wholesales,if you are interested,please contact my company through:Tel:+86 13559099865 Email:zengwenliang888@sina.com/ ivan@gadsgroup.cn.
    My wechat number:15727579836.
    We also only do wholesale, and our goods is in Yiwu now.
    Whoever is ready to come over to Yiwu or wanna to improt goods from Yiwu please contract.thanks.
  7. Amanda

    Amanda New Member

    Its very hard
  8. Lizzy

    Lizzy New Member

    Hi!In order to start importing any things you need to be well versed in all the intricacies of purchases, sales and, most importantly, customs control, since all goods will pass through customs. When I was engaged in import, I always used the services https://clearit.ca/ of this company. And they always helped me. You might also be useful.
  9. ujoh

    ujoh Member

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