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How To Start Phone Selling Business In Nigeria And Make Lots Of Money

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, Aug 1, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Hello my proudnaira family. Hope you are having a great day. On my today thread i will be sharing idea how you can start new or Uk used smart phone business in Nigeria easily without too much headache.

    How to Start Phone Business in Nigeria and make lots of money
    smartphones business in nigeria.png

    So many people have been asking this question on informationhood but today i'm taking on proudnaira to share this details as informationhood will be use for it purpose soon and proudnaira.com is now our new home for business discussion. Before i start i will want to give you some of the reasons why your idea of and consideration of starting phone business in Nigeria is a lucrative and wise one.

    Today in Nigeria, almost everyone now has phone or not even everyone 85% Nigerians both old or young has phone. Day after day new phones model and brands are been release in Nigeria and they are selling like water. This is to say phone business is very lucrative. Phone sell faster in Nigeria than any other electronic product in Nigeria. Go to computer village and see how people are buying phone everyday without stop. Most rich dude in computer village today are dealers of smart phones and laptop. You will likely see them driving expensive cards and building big houses. I'm not assuring you make millions from this business in a short time but if will manage and aim high you will definitely make it in life.

    What does slot sell? today slot is known in the whole country and people feels that it only slot your can get original smart phone. Slot is a company that deal mostly on smart phones in Nigeria. Today slot has branded their own phones which is selling high in Nigeria.

    Tecno, itel and infinix phones are branded phones by Nigerians. Those phones are not in america nor europe countries but in Nigeria and some few africa countries only. Those brands have grown high in Nigeria and you will likely find Nigerians with tecno and infinix phone. The people that branded this phone didn't just start a day, it from gradual process they get to understands the market and they are billion companies in Nigeria today. At beginning i'm not telling you to go and brand your own phone from china but advising you that if you have interest in phone sales business in Nigeria, don't kill your dreams, it a very profitable business.

    Depend on your budgeted start up capital. You can start phone business with the minimum amount to get a phone and with time you grow bigger are you make more sales but if you have good amount to start the business then your are the most lucky one. I will show you how to get the phones and how to make more sales in Nigeria.

    How a common man can start phone business with small amount of money in Nigeria
    Not everyone has the money to start business though the have good business plan, but where do the money come from? Nigeria is not a place where me and you can get loan easily. Our banks don't give loan to individuals anymore but to politicians only that will pay high for it. The little firms that gives out loans in Nigeria will request a high return interest with it. One can borrow 1 Million and be paying interest of 200k monthly. Tell me how can it be possible.

    After considering all of this troubles, i wrote a post on informationhood how to start business without no money in Nigeria and funny enough people appreciate. To cut the story short. Time to start a business with any amount you have. If you can raise up to N50,000 then you will be able to start phone business at the lowest level in Nigeria but you must have in mind that you have to be economizing type so you don't run down your business. Someone would say how about renting office? Well i know very well that you need office for your business but how can you rent office when you are starting with such amount of money? so let's forget about office for now and focus on how to get the phone and start marketing it without office and then sell.

    Do you know that you can buy phone for a cheap price directly from dealers in Nigeria, be it new or old. you can get at cheaper price compare to how much the sell at the shop, here is the tips.

    With 50k naira to 100 naira, i would advice you start your phone business career with UK and America used phones. Don't go the step new yet because you will end up holding down your business money somewhere. People buy new phones every day but more people buy used phones everyday. Used phones are more profitable to sellers than new before the new has company fix price while used one can be acquired at a very cheap price or even cheaper price depend on your long leg and negotiation.

    There are many warehouses that import foreign used phones to Nigeria. If you can get those warehouses, you will get good phones at affordable prices that you can resell and make over 20k to 30k on a single sales. All you need to do is sort for warehouses that import used phones in Nigeria. If you are buying tested it will be more expensive than none tested, it your choice my friend, at this point you have to follow your mind.

    How to sell your phone fast in Nigeria
    You don't need a shop to sell your phone now in Nigeria. The way is online, yes put your phone online for sale and have people buy it soon. It even faster than waiting in a shop for buyers. Go on classified websites like jiji, olx, proudnaira sales page. Another good place to sell your phone is facebook selling groups. Put your smart phone on everywhere on the net and offer delivery within your city to boost your sales better. Due to your capital, buy two or three phones, after selling them, add the profit to get 4 or 5 phones, after selling add the profit to get more phones. You will see that within 2 to 3 months you are having up to 40 phones phones for sale. From there you can start saving to get office or shop for your business. After archiving office, you can move ahead to register your business name with CAC. At that point you can start selling new phones and make connection to start importation of phone. If you have big dreams, you can process china visa and make move of branding your own phones just like Tecno, infinix and itel and sell market it to the public in Nigeria.

    I will advice you to create a facebook page and run advertisement campaign on your available phones or branded phone.

    How to Start Phone Business in Nigeria With good Amount of Start Capital
    If you have enough money to start phone business, let's say you have 1 million naira up ward. Then you are a staunch already. Get a shop at a business location. You can decide to get comfortable office, that is left to your need.

    find a warehouse or bulk dealer where you can buy smart phones at a very cheap wholesale price, You can start with as much as many phones you want. New or used it's your choice as well, remember i said that used phones sell faster and are more profitable to the seller in Nigeria. Despite is neat and working 100% ok with at least offering your customers some months warranty, you will have lots of customers. You can as well include new phones for the sake of people that prefer new phones.

    If i were to be you i will consider branding a phone to Nigeria with good quality however i don't know your pocket so do as you wish to but have the mindset of moving to higher level.

    Create a facebook page, jiji account, olx account proundaira account and get start marketing your phones. You can become online marketing guru or hire someone to focus on the marketing of the phones online posting on every social media. Take photos of your phones as they are without editing and post on facebook for sell groups adding your number, jiji, olx, proudnaira sales page, instagram and other social media you can ever think of. Create a website for your business where people can order online and have it deliver to them.

    Offer Payment on Delivery
    The best way to catch many customers attention that many don't know today is offering payment on delivery which enable the buyer to have 100% trust that you are real and they will feel more comfortable as they won't have to leave their house of office before buying the phone and ability of testing the phone before payment. Sure payment on delivery is the sure way to sell above all other sellers online. Over 2 years now in Laptop business with sales of 20-30 laptops daily all our customer are from online. this is to tell you the power of online in Nigeria at present.

    Get a website for your business
    Get a website for your business, if you need one i can help you design a good e-commerce website that you can direct your customers to make order online. There are many advantage why you should have a website, it will boost your sales and make you more popular because when someone search google for where they can buy phone, google will bring them to your website.

    Facebook is the best place to sell in Nigeria, create a page and run advert to make more sales. For those of you who don't know how to create a facebook page, i can help you create one and teach you how to manage it and run advert campaign on facebook for free, just indicate your interest below.

    From this point i'm pretty sure you can kick start your business and grow it to the highest level. I will start making physical research on warehouses to buy UK Used phones at cheap price on both tested and none tested as well on direct importers of new phone where you someone can buy at a cheaper price. After my finding i will post it one this forum so register and follow me to always get my new updates.

    Hope this information is helpful? you are free to contribute to this thread and as well ask questions. I still remain your loyal boy @serome. Nigeria youths must become extremely great.

    On my next reply below i will show you how you can sell your phones fast on Jumia the number 1 most known ecommerce website in Nigeria. subscribe to this post as i will be bring lots of features to grow your smartphones business in Nigeria.

    How to fix bad Phone
    How to Create Facebook page
    How to get more sales on jiji.ng are coming soon. just follow this thread
  2. Victor

    Victor Member

    This is wow. Amazing write up and eye opening thread. This is what I have been waiting for. Thanks boss for this, I well seated and ready to learn everything about this business.

    This will work very well in port Harcourt. Please continue bro i'm following you with torch and candle.
  3. Skyro

    Skyro Member

    Thanks for this idea. I love Proudnaira. I'm really gaining a lot here.
  4. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Happy to know that this post is important to you. I'm i will be dropping how you can sell your phone easily on jumia the online ecommerce website in Nigeria. I will be live soon, i'm currently working on it.
  5. Favour

    Favour Member

    I'm taking the second to front seat already sir. I enjoyed reason this and I went to tell you that it very informativem God Bless you. Please how can someone run a advert campaign on Facebook as you mentioned. I'm so waiting for that part. I also need how I can start selling on jumia.
  6. Evawere

    Evawere Member

    Yeah phone business is fast lucrative business. Why won't it be lucrative when Nigerians run after every newly released phone?

    Beside it electronic, it gets spoiled and they go get another one. Starting phone business is lucrative as the boss mentioned.

    I'm glad hr took his time to illustrate everything in details. I'm waiting for more my big bro.
    serome likes this.
  7. Joy

    Joy Member

    Thanks. Please I need a warehouse in Lagos where I can do Uk phone at good rate and they should be working tested ones. Please as soon as your find any place quickly inbox me please.
    serome likes this.
  8. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah i will inform you. I need to make some calls to confirm of the best place and as well confirm the prices of phone from up to 4 warehouse, I will get you guys updated when i have than done.
    Lawal Aliyu and Nelson like this.
  9. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    I sight you my big sis. Nice to know that you are with me. i'm so bold now lol:):)
  10. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, i'm aware that many people still don't know how to ads on facebook in Nigeria. I will touch that area on this tread as well.
  11. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry for the delay guys, i would have publish this before now but was kind of busy doing some other things. Thanks for all of your patience.
    As i said earlier, individuals can now sell on jumia website. This is to say it's not just jumia alone that sell on their website any more. For some of you who is hearing jumia for the very first time. Jumia is an online shop in Nigeria who have not extend their service to some other affrica countries in recent. Jumia is where you can go and order items online and they will have the items deliver to your door step without you having to do any stress at all. Jumia has been the best online shop so far since the years of their operation in Nigeria and still remaining the best till date writing this thread.

    Before now, all the products on jumia shop was jumia products alone, however it presumed that maybe jumia products is not enough to serve the customers as they have too many customers now so jumia now let individuals to sell their product on their website. There are lots of benefit selling on jumia website as a business owner. The website boost of having over 200 million visitors daily, people searching for what to buy, so they wants you to start selling to those visitors. According to them, You will have nothing to do or worry about, jumia will take the care of the stress from the time of promotion, selling, packaging, and delivery of the product to the buyer. All that is required of you is just to post your item for sale on the website and wait for them to help you sell it and deliver it to you however there are something you need to know and how to register as well for a seller you also need to know so read on.

    process below is what i'm copying from jumia website, make sure you follow carefully.

    Becoming a vendor is a seamless process with Jumia’s self-signup; a DIY process where you can become a vendor on Jumia in exactly 5minutes.

    Selling on Jumia comes with many benefits:

    • 1,000,000 visitors to your shop monthly
    • 0% commission for the first 30 days following registration
    • Free photo session for your first 30 Items, periodic marketing push and a 24/7 store.
    Sign up in 3 simple steps:

    Step 1: Fill the registration form. Don’t forget to read and accept our Seller Agreement.

    Step 2: Complete the dedicated training session for new sellers and become an e-commerce expert in minutes.

    Step 3: List more than five Products and start selling. Simple!

    Click here to sign up and be on your way to becoming a Jumia millionaire

    Some weeks ago my friend selling chargers registered with jumia as vendor and he told me that the process of registration is not easy though but he was able to complete it. I as well noticed from there that jumia will invite you for seminal where you can learn more about how the things are done correctly. If you really wish to sell, all this process will be nothing to you because you will be making much sales monthly without you having to do anything and your business will grow faster b acquiring high sales. For you to sell you phone faster in Nigeria, i urge you to become jumia vendor. Note that i have nothing to gain if you join, there thread have no personal motive and never thinking of telling you to do anything in my own favour, NO. The link i put there is not even an affiliate link, that is how i copied it from jumia guide page so don't think you will be doing me any favour on this thread, its all for your good. This is proudnaira and all we do is share helpful business information and nothing more.

    My next post will be on how to create facebook page in Nigeria, i will not be writing it here, i will create a thread for it and drop the link here, for those of you following me, you will be the first to see it. Have a lovely day my proudnaira family.
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  12. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    This is amazing boss. Thanks for this wonderful info.
  13. Nelson

    Nelson New Member

    Please you can also inbox me about the warehouse n the price because I want to take selling UK used phones too
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  14. Lawal Aliyu

    Lawal Aliyu New Member

    Boss, today is my first day in this forum and I am really very overwhelmed with what iam seeing, what a wonderful write up, very educative and informative. I pray that God Almighty increase you knowledge and any other member of this forum ameen.
    serome likes this.
  15. crown90

    crown90 New Member

    Thanx for sharing
  16. Joshua Nwankwo

    Joshua Nwankwo New Member

    Thank you for this creative idea, more grace!
  17. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Amen and Amen. You are welcome to proudnaira business forum dear. Happy you find this post helpful. Thanks for the prayers.
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  18. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Alright dear.
  19. Lawal Aliyu

    Lawal Aliyu New Member

    Your welcome boss
  20. Amanda

    Amanda New Member

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