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How to Start Small Delivery Agency Business in Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, Feb 18, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Do you know that you can start this business even without big money. With as little amount as N5,000 you can start. I will tell you how.

    unnamed (2).png

    How to start small delivery agency in Nigeria

    Go online and such as Facebook and create a Facebook page name it e.g " Sero Clearing Agency " add your address, location etc.

    Now go out and look for customers, you can as well do that online. Pay a good writer at least N1500 naira to write a good original article for you. Title the article " Best Delivery Agency in Nigeria or Lagos" depending on the locations you want to cover.

    After that then submit the post to Informationhood website as a guests post. Wait for your post to be accepted and hold on for the post to rank on Google. I recommend submitting it to informationhood because they rank very well on google.

    Note: don't submit the post to more than one website or google will consider it as duplicate content and that will make it not to rank at all.

    When writing your article make sure you put your company at first position. Informationhood will want to verify your listed companies before or after post approval, explain to then when they give you a call. Include your number and address. Make sure the article is original and have good amount of words, I recommend 2k words minimum in order to rank high.

    Now go to other business forum such as this forum Proudnaira, nairaland business section and others to post about your service. After that go on directory website such as vconnect and others to publish your business profile.

    After all that then go in search of people selling items, such as phone, tv, laptops and others you can search them online even, Tell them you can handle delivery for them even to other cities and states.

    When you start having customers, if any item is going outs the state, you can use God is Good motors to do the waybill. Note that you need to first collect your service cost and waybill money before processing on the waybill.

    You can learn how to do waybill here https://www.informationhood.com/waybill-send-item-lagos-state-location/

    As time goes you will need bike for delivery as time goes but for the beginning you can start by using public bus.

    This is how you can start small delivery business in Nigeria and grow big as you get more jobs .

    If you need further details ask your question below.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2018
  2. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    The process is easy. First I would advice you get a good office. Below are some requirements for starting this business in Nigeria.

    Requirements to Start Delivery Agency Business in Nigeria
    1. Get a good office at a safe location
    2. Create your company website
    3. Register your business name
    4. Get a dilivery bike or vehicle 1 or 2 bikes for the start
    5. Visit shops to shop to advertise your business ( business such as computers sales center, phone shops, some electronic shops etc. You must know the kind of products your company can deliver before you start. Tell the shops owners that your company is a delivery agency and can help them deliver items to their customers within same or the next city etc. )
    6. Little marketing for the start
    7. Always deliver on time
    8. Get a smart working phone for your delivery man and your office.

    This are the most important things you need to start delivery agency in Nigeria. You can even deliver to long distance depend on your capability.

    Best place to start this business is
    1. Lagos
    2. Ibadan
    3. Anambra
    4. Kano
    I will like to say that this is a nice and profitable business if you can handle it well. To succeed in business you must be a steady learner and regularly improve on features. Good luck my friend, wisg you all the best.
  3. ujoh

    ujoh Member


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