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How to start uk used laptop business in Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, Feb 9, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Hello friend, it me your loyal young man Serome. on this thread I want to share with you how you can start uk used laptop business in Nigeria.


    How to start uk used laptop business in Nigeria

    As you already know, these is one of the best business you can ever consider doing in Nigeria. Electronic business is very lucrative in Nigeria and every one is getting serious with business. On my idea, i wish to tell you that laptop business is one of the best electronic business in Nigeria.

    Those who started this business earlier are somewhere around millionaires. You can start UK used laptop business in Nigeria with a small amount and then grow big. On this post i want to share with you how you can start and where to sell your laptop without stress in nigeria, thia means how you can get customers to buy your laptops.

    Do you have good amount that you can visit Uk or US or even Dubai to buy the items, if yes then create a connection online. You can check alibaba or aliexpress for US dealers online.

    If you don't have the kind of amount to start importation of Uk used laptops, then you will have to start from somewhere with what you have and then grow big latter.


    The solution is buying from importers direct. Buying at wholesale price for a very cheap price. I know where you can go get it very cheap in Nigeria.

    Nglead Computers

    If you want to buy cheap UK used laptop then try nglead computers ltd. They have well confirmed affordable laptops at wholese price. You can make order online and get home delivery. They deal on all kinda of laptops and phones. They are well trusted in Nigeria.

    Address: 09 Nigerian army shopping Arena Bolade Bolade Bus Stop Oshodi.



    Ladipo is a place where you can get faily used laptops, phones and other used at goos price. Though buying from ladipo involved risk, it better if you have a genuine importers.

    Computer village

    You can buy laptops at good price at computer village in Ikeja Lagos. Though their price is not too affordable, you can check them out.

    This are the places where you can buy uk used laptops in Nigeria.

    After buying laptops at affordable price thw next this where to sell them and make profit.

    So many people in Nigeria thoughts one must have a shop before starting a business but technology has gone beyond that to a model way which enables anyone to sell his product online.

    On this post i will give you list of best places to sell any product easily without stress. Let me hear your thought about starting uk used laptops in Nigeria.
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  2. Yofinder

    Yofinder New Member

    k I am with you
  3. Godspower Sunday

    Godspower Sunday New Member

    I am interested. I will conduct more feasibility study on it. Everybody needs a laptop. The market value is enormours.

    Godspower Sunday
    Wealth creator for Africa: https://bit.ly/2oYhMGR
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