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How To Start Yam Exportation In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, Jul 13, 2019 at 9:41 PM.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Here is a guide I find on the web that could be helpful for those who wants to go into yam exportation business in Nigeria. You can read below to see if it would be helpful.


    Make Profit Exporting Yam To UK

    We all realize that yam business at domestic is already a huge funding. The Northerners have been making millions of naira from the enterprise. Another eye opener is the big quantity of bucks that people making from exporting yams to Europe and America.

    There isn't any two approaches about it, yam enterprise is getting warmer than ever within the UK as 2kg of yam goes for 3.5pounds. You realize what one pound is to naira at the present rate. The point right here is that, any capital you invested in yam export enterprise will come returned in multiples.

    The flour is open for large scale exporters of yams to America and UK. But, you need to be succesful in phrases of capital as yam exports isn't for small players.

    Cost Of Starting Yam Export Business
    Some say that you could start this with N100,000 but that isn't always authentic. There are situations to be met. You have to get proper certifications if you want to allow you to have get right of entry to to massive contracts abroad. You have to make certain that your yams meet the worldwide widespread for being taken abroad.

    Here at WealthResult.Com, we try as a whole lot as we will to present our readers with what is obtainable inside the current marketplace and now not what is nice to the ears.

    Embargo on yam export to a few international locations inside the Western international changed into in vicinity till June 2016 due to a few sharp commercial enterprise practices of some exporters in seeking to cut corners via delivery bad yams and other agricultural commodities in another country.

    Till the embargo expires and the business resumes back to normal, any one that is interested in yam exportation business should be gearing up towards obtaining all the necessary documents that would ensure that his goods encounters less scrutiny at the ports.

    Meanwhile, for those with less start up capital, we are not telling you to go into borrowing but you can still start with the little you have. Reasonable amount of about N.5million can get you started in a small scale. Get your goods packaged in cartons of 20kg each and have it forwarded to your customers abroad.

    As time goes on, and if you maintain the needed trust, you could even be given a contract to supply in a bigger quantity. That is when you can go all the way to source for funds through any means. At that point your business has gained enough ground. Your sincerity at having nothing but quality yams shipped out has started paying off.

    Navigating Through The Export Terrain
    Just like every other exportation business, you are required to have good valid means of identification, like international passport, domiciliary account, e-mail address, and etc. Do your best even if you are dealing just an individual to register with NEPC, Nigeria Export Promotion Council.

    In this business, an issue will definitely arise that may warrant your valid identifications. Get all your documents ready. Venturing into yam exportation is not a backyard business.

    Make enough finding and see what types of yams and species that are acceptable oversea. Do your best to surpass the expectation of the stringent requirements involves in having agricultural products moved out of the country.

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