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How To Startup A Roadside Eatery Business

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Celestina Angel Serome, Jul 25, 2019.

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  1. Celestina Angel Serome

    Celestina Angel Serome Administrator Staff Member

    There are many restaurants and fancy hygienic eateries all over the world, but do you know what? People prefer eating and buying their food mostly in road side eateries. This is a very lucrative business for many people, because profits are really being made. I must say that road side eateries prepare the most delicious meal than some restaurants can prepare. It is quite unfortunate that some people who are blessed with great cooking skills do not have sufficient capital to set up a restaurant. Nevertheless, some people have made great achievements through this business, because of their great cooking talents. If you do not have enough capital to start a restaurant you can start off with a road side eatery and gradually turn it to a restaurant when good profits are made.

    If you have a great cooking skill and you are sitting idle, this thread is for. You don't always have to need a huge capital before you can start up a business, why not use your skill to earn now? For it is what you have you will need to get what you want. I know you would want to start up a restaurant instead, but what if your capital isn't enough, and you you've got no collateral or guarantor to collect a loan. You will just have to settle for the least you can afford for now, and that is starting up a roadside eatery and gradually save up for your bigger dream. In order for this business to be a lucrative one for you, you will have to be a great cook, so that people will love your food.

    Just because it's a roadside eatery, it doesn't mean that it is an easy peasy work. You still have to put things in order to get started; nothing good comes easy after all, if you must prosper, you should also be ready to work hard with diligence.

    Here's what i think about roadside eateries, you should also add yours :
    Roadside eateries also known as Buka joints makes sumptuous meals; i mean, some of them cook so well that you can't help but lick your fingers, and the good thing about them is they hardly or don't serve leftovers, unlike some restaurants that microwave leftovers and then sell it to customers. It's wrong, but it will be a big loss to them if they just discard leftovers continuously.

    Steps to starting a roadside eatery.

    1.What dish would you prepare.

    this is for you think; what dish would you want to prepare? Is it a single dish or varieties of dishes? before making your decision you should know that whatever dish you want to prepare must be a dish that you can cook very well; it has to be very tasty in an hygienic environment, and customers should love it.
    And don't forget that the dish/dishes you will be preparing will be what the customers want.

    2.Have a business plan/ strategy
    With you knowing the type of dish you want to prepare, next is to have a business plan; meaning, you will have to make a list of all your expenses, set a goal, make a list of what you need, carefully think about the business, and you mustn't exceed your budgets.
    Examine your competition and set up a business strategy that will make your dish standout from your other competitors.

    3. Access your budget
    It's true that money is use to get money, so the first step should be your budget. Knowing how much capital you have, it will give you a clue of what you can do and how to go about it, and it shouldn't exceed your budget.

    4. Location/ store
    The next thing is getting a store to rent. You are aware of the capital you have, since that will determine the amount of the kind of store you rent.
    Your location matters, you can't have a store for a roadside eatery in a less populated area. You have to have a good location with enough population, in a conducive environment. When the place is conducive, neat and safe it creates a good impression of the business in the eyes of many customers.

    5. Get the equipments and the food items you need.
    This is the part i would like to emphasize on. You are just starting and on a low scale. So, you shouldn't buy your food items in bulk just yet; you are new in the place and customers do not know you yet, they do not know how your food tastes , so there won't be many customers, but gradually when you are well known and they love your food, plus the place is becoming all that busy due to the fact that people are coming in, and you are making good sales, then you can start buying food items in bulk.

    Getting a particular local supplier of food items is the best, since you are just starting up.
    Lower amount equipments should be bought in order not to exceed your budget. You can get new and better ones when your business starts making its way to the top.

    6.Advertising your business
    Being that you are new in that location people will not be aware that there is an eatery there, so what you do is create fliers of your eatery and share it to as many as you can, so that people will know that there's an eatery there.

    7. Hiring staffs:

    You've gotten the business so far, the next step is to hire staffs. You can hire just one staff with a good cooking skill for a start and increase them later when the business takes the next level. You cannot hire many staffs since you are just starting your business and on a low scale.

    8. Price of your dishes
    The amount you sell your food shouldn't be too high. Get to know how other competitors are selling, and yours should either be at the same price level or lower. I would suggest that it should be lower than other competitors price just so you can get more customers.

    9. Customer treatment
    It is true that without customers in any business, that business will definitely crumble for they are the pillars of any business. Without them buying from you there won't be any profit. So, both old and new customers should be treated with the outmost care and respect ; your manner of approach matters a lot. Treat your customers right and nicely and they will be happy and buy repeatedly from you

    10. Handling cash from the business
    This may seem not necessary, but it is very necessary. If you most know the amount of profit you make after a days sales daily, then this is necessary. How do you get to know the amount profit you made after a days sales? This is how; in order to know your profit amount, you will have to deduct the amount used for cooking the whole of that day from the money you realized from that days sales, doing this will make you know how much profit you make. Without this, if there be a need to make use of money for personal use, you will end up using your profits and the business money without any calculations of how much profit was made and that could ruin your business.

    With this you can get your roadside eatery up and running on the right track. When you are on your good behavior in attending to your customers and of course not being greedy for too much profit by selling your goods at a far too higher price, you are sure to make it to the top in success.
  2. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    All thanks to Celestina. Nice one you gat here. I would want to add that one can make this business so big than a stage of even making more money that those at shops if done as expected.

    At first one should get a good busy location. Plazas and malls are good places to consider.

    Focus on a specific meal you know how to cook or conduct well and then next is make it lil affordable, sweet and that all. You will have people coming to you for it. I know of someone doing that here in Kwara and she has turn it to company and even have a lot of workers.

    The truth remains that at the beginning you may not be getting the result you want or expected to but keep adding new strategics that could grow your business.

    I won't advice you to always be for a whole say. Have a specific time such as morning till 1pm and you have left the place. Note that good management gets it all.

    This is my little contribution to this wonderful thread by @CelestinaAngelSerome
  3. Celestina Angel Serome

    Celestina Angel Serome Administrator Staff Member

    Also correct! Thanks.
  4. Beauty

    Beauty New Member

    What ever you starting even if you have all the money to invest ones. Starting small and grow big remains the best. I know of someone having over 7 small eateries centers yet she doesn't do anything all is collect money here and there. Don't invest all you cash on business without good analysis.
  5. Beauty

    Beauty New Member

    I forgot to thank the op for well explain details idea. Thanks
  6. Celestina Angel Serome

    Celestina Angel Serome Administrator Staff Member

    Most welcome @Beauty

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