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How To Startup A Small Home Based Baking Business.

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Celestina Angel Serome, Jul 25, 2019.


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  1. Celestina Angel Serome

    Celestina Angel Serome Administrator Staff Member

    Online baking is one of the online businesses that also earns cool cash. It is said that when one is given a field of work that is his favourite, or when one does the things that he/she love doing, that person can't help but make massive progress and great achievements; you know why? It is because the person finds joy and happiness in what he's doing.

    A food prepared with love and happiness will definitely be tasty and exceptionally delicious, the same thing with baking. In order to start this business you must know how to bake and derive joy in doing it, that way it will be no stress to you at all. If you have a partner that would want to join in your business idea, you both could set a partnership and later take the business to a greater height.

    When it comes to home baking, there are many treats you can make including :
    . Cakes and cupcakes
    . Pies
    . Pastries
    . Cookies
    . Breads etc.
    Starting a baking business doesn't just ends in having the passion for baking, there are many things to be considered and steps to be taken in order to start up this business.

    Reasons to start up a baking business.
    1. Doing what you like; if baking is what you love doing, then that's a plus on your side
    2. If you love baking, then definitely there will be some uniqueness in your baked goods. That's another advantage on your side.
    3. The business is quite easy to start; i mean, you have a kitchen and you've also got talent for baking, so it won't be that stressful to you.
    4. Baked goods are sold in so many places, so getting a buyer won't be that difficult, especially when you are a great baker.
    5. You also get to sell your baked goods locally and online.

    Factors to consider before starting this business.
    We all know that nothing good comes easy in this world; not even when you've got talent. You still have to work towards your goal by doing what's necessary.

    1. Getting your separate equipments(mixers and spoons) and supplies(flour) for baking. It won't be right to use your personal kitchen equipments or supplies, so keep in mind that you will be getting a separate one.

    2. If you must make profit then you must be ready to make sales, and that can only happen when you bake enough goods to sell, which will make you spend most of your time in the kitchen baking.

    3." The people's choice"; what i mean is that you should bake what your customers like. Most times what you like or bake for the family might not be what the customers might demand, so you have to put the customers choice in mind.

    4. Having your own business strategy: it's no news that there is competition in the market zone, so you should know how to stand out in the crowd.

    5.Note that you are using your kitchen for the main time, because you are starting out on a lower scale; when you've made more profits and more demands are coming in you will outgrow your kitchen and definitely look for a bigger place to bake.

    Steps to starting a home based baking business online.
    1. Select the kind of bakery you would like to open.
    This part is very important, you will have to decide on the bakery you would like to open. In this i will say that you should go for what you know how to do best; If you only know how to bake a cake then settle for that. If you can bake different treats, you can also do that as well, but it has to be tasty and should be the best if you want your business to grow.

    2. Have a business plan
    Since you now know the kind of bakery you want to open, you need to create a business plan. The purpose of a business plan is for you to have a goal, find ways to generate revenue, lists expenses, identify your customers base, look at your business from every angle and examine your competition.

    3. Examine your startup funds.

    Before diving in, the capital you have at your disposal will help you plan how it's going to be spent on the equipments you need. While making a list of what you want, you should be careful not to surpass your budget. Everything you would want should be bought within your budget. Yes, the capital may not be high, but you shouldn't also forget that you are starting out on a lower scale, so your lists should entail the basic things that you need, and equipments of lower cost should be bought as of now, because you are just starting your business.

    4. Get your supplies and equipment
    After examining your funds, you should go and get your equipments for the business and also your supplies.
    In other to get discounts from sellers who sell supplies and equipments, make a local seller who sells supplies and equipments your regular customers.

    5. Price your baked goods
    This is the amount you decide to sell your baked goods. I know that this business takes time and effort, but you should also no that you need customers as of now and you are also new in the business; people still haven't known you or the goods that you sell. Therefore, your price should be some how low compared to other competitors. You should try to gather customers by giving discount sometimes on the goods they buy.

    6. Be the best you can be

    Be original. You can't be a carbon copy of your competitors. Be the best, the first and the only one baking the kind of tasty treats you make. If you can manage to do this, then success is sure.

    7. Market your products
    You can market your products online by getting a fantastic website. Upload pictures of your tasty treats on your blog, make short videos of you preparing most of your tasty bakeries. You can also use social media to promote your online business. Joining groups can also help get more customers. As long as you bake the best and follow the right procedures you've got no problems at all.

    8. Handling your customers.
    Customers are the pillars of your business. Treat them nicely and they will be happy, when they are happy they become a fan of your bakeries and they will always love to buy from you. A happy customer is a repeat customer, the kind of treatment you give them will determine if they will buy from you repeatedly.

    You may also need to get a license /permit when starting on a large scale.

    Selling your baked goods
    It being an online business doesn't mean you can't sell to the people around. Also; make home deliveries, sell to mini eateries and local shops. If people are aware of how good a baker you are, you will be hired to bake for different events and ceremonies.

    I will end this by saying that nothing good comes easy, for your online baking business to be successful it has to be managed with your outmost abilities and by creating new ideas and strategies to make more profits.
    So, bakers go on into your venture and have fun while at it.
  2. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for this ideas, thanks for sharing @CelestinaAngelSerome. I have a question please, Is it possible to sell bake snacks online in Nigeria? If yes, please how is it done?
  3. Celestina Angel Serome

    Celestina Angel Serome Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Lisa, thanks a lot!
    Now, for your question; the answer is yes, and this is how you can go about.
    you have two options: an online marketplace where you can create a personal store, or your own website using a template or supported platform. Choosing to sell your items in a personal store within a marketplace has advantages — shoppers know these sites, and much of the legwork is done for you. You provide your info, and then make and ship the products. Creating your own website can also be beneficial, and can be done in addition to sales through the online marketplace. With your own business site, you control everything.

    I hope this is helpful? But if you have another question then feel free to ask.

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