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Making Money From Paint Business: Continuation

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Paintbroker, Aug 1, 2019.

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  1. Paintbroker

    Paintbroker New Member

    Hello House,
    Last time I told us we could make money from Paint Business without owning a shop and that is true.

    The following are some of the ways:
    1. You can learn how to paint and register with some of our distributors a a trained painter. Cleints pay painters 300-350 per square meter multiply that with about 1200sqm =420,000.

    2. You can register as freelance channel partners with any of our distributors and earn 15% on any sale made.
    15% of 3,200,000=480,000

    3. the last tier is you registering either as a distributor or a sub distributor but this requires money.

    Many of our trained marketers and painters are making good money of this venture at least enough to take care of primary expenses. You can join the train.
    My WhatApp number is: 07046988253.

    I hope to make new partners from this platform.

    Paint Broker.

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