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Maruwa (kene Napep) Price Currently In Nigeria

Discussion in 'Price List's' started by Lisa, Jul 6, 2019.

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  1. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    How much are they currently selling maruwa which is keke napep in Nigeria currently? A friend of mine ask me this question but couldn't get him a reasonable answer and promise to get back to him.

    If any idea how much keke nape is sold currently in Nigeria please share it here with us. Thanks
  2. Ebuka

    Ebuka Member

    If you need new keke of 2015 - latest that uses key start, music system then you should budget N950,000 to 1m. But you can get a fairly used keke nape for 200k to 500k in Nigeria
  3. Lisa

    Lisa Moderator Staff Member

    Here is the information I got online. I hope it helps.

    How much is Tricycle (keke Napep) in Nigeria this 2019? If that is your question or similar to what you are seeking, I want to tell you that the year is still fresh and if you wanna start a keke Napep business, it is not late to do so in this 2019. It is very profitable, Lucrative and Bossy. On this post, you will discover the prices of different brands of keke Napep and a brief buyers review associated with each brand.

    Tricycles popularly called Keke Napep by Nigerians is one of the most popular means of street transportation in most Nigerian Cities. Since the the past decade, the demand for effective street to street transportation is ever increasing as the population is rising daily, the demand is also due to the fact that the Government has Ban the use of Motorcycles popularly known as OKADA in the major cities of the Federation. so if you are still considering on getting one, i will advise you to do so as the demand for transportation is always on the rise.

    Over the years, Tricycle has evolved in Nigeria, Various brands have introduced different types of tricycles and some of this brands have established their authorities in the Nigerian market while some are still struggling to be among the best brands. The popular brands of tricycle that you would come across in Nigerian cities includes:

    • Bajaj: bajaj is one of the popular brands of tricycles in Nigeria that are highly sought for, their products are affordable and durable.
    • Suziki: just like bajaj, Suziki is also popular among Nigerian tricycle brands, aside that, it is a popular name in the auto industry. Even though their tricycles are not popular as their motorcycles, they are still among the best in the market.
    • Piaggio: If what you consider when buying a tricycle is fuel factor, then you should probably go for Piaggio. Tricycles generally are fuel efficient, but for Piaggio it is exceptional.
    • Other brands includes VESPA, Zongshen etc.

    Price for new tricycles (keke Napep) in Nigeria

    • bajaj tricycles price is between N600,000 and N850,000
    • piaggio tricycles price is between N550,000 and N750,000
    • Day long tricycles price is between N500,000 and N600,000
    • TVS tricycle price is between N580,000 to N650,000
    The differences in prices s as a result of difference in brands, exchange rates, and quality of the brands.

    Price of fairly used tricycle (keke Napep) in Nigeria

    • bajaj tricycles price is between N200,000 and N350,000
    • piaggio tricycles price is between N250,000 and N300,000
    • Day long tricycles price is between N80,000 and 300,000
    • TVS tricycle price is between 180,000 to N350,000
    The prices of fairly used tricycles are highly dependent on the physical and operational state of the tricycles.

    Major things to consider before buying a Tricycle (keke Napep)
    BRAND: Before buying a Tricycle, you have to check out for the best brands and make the best choice. Some brands have acquired the trust of manufacturing high products while some are still fighting for it.

    PRICE: Depending on the size of your pocket, you can make your decision based on how much you budget for the tricycle. Some are expensive while some are not, but the best brands are usually more expensive because of its high demand.

    FUEL ECONOMY: Tricycles vary heavily in fuel economy just like motorcycles, but most tricycles are very good when it comes to fuel consumption rate but some are more effective than the others. This is where the Engine displacement comes into play. it is very important to consider the fuel economy of tricycles before you buy it.

    SPARE PARTS AVAILABILITY: No matter how good a tricycle is, you would need to change a part at some point. It is important to go for tricycles that have their spare parts readily available and affordable so as not to be stranded when needed.

    DURABILITY: Another major factor to consider is its durability and maintenance. you have to check if the keke napep has a second hand valve, also you should find out how often you need to service it and how easy it will be maintained.

    The Huge Profit in Tricycle (keke napep) Business
    According to Wealthresult.com, Tricycles don’t have bus stops, but rather you can maneuver during traffic congestion, and cut a lot of short cuts to your destination. The spare parts for the vehicles are available and replaceable. You can make N5,000 a day and average of N150,000 in a month. With a purchase price of over N300,000 you can become a millionaire in a year and pay back your loans in three months. A single Keke napep has an average life-span of 3 years.

    Do not forget to carry out your own personal inspection before carrying out any transactions with anybody.

    This is what I saw online from priceloaded. Hope this is helpful

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