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My New Secret How To Make Huge Money From Domain Name Reselling Business In Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Victor, Jul 22, 2019.

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  1. Victor

    Victor Member

    Many of you don't know what domain means. Well for those of you who don't, domain is the name of every website.

    Currently here on proudnaira we all sharing and learning business ideas, the domain of this forum is known as the URL which is www.proudnaira.com serving as the door that takes everyone to the house which is the site. A website can not be without a domain name.

    Best way to make money from domain name flipping / reselling business

    Over the years so many people have be making millions of dollars from domain reselling business which is known as domain flipping worldwide. Normally before now a domain reseller will purchase how valued domain that some people have used and then couldn't renew due to one or two reasons. Some go after simple name domain e.g man.com, women.com the value of a domain depends on how simple and meaningful the domain is, another thing that count is the ranking and domain backlings.

    To trade domain reselling business is not a get rich quick business but however it can make you rich without hustling hard all you need to do is get the right domain that companies or individuals will be interested on, when your luck comes you can sell just one domain and become very rich. It was recorded that In 2010, Facebook bought FB.com domain from the American Farm Bureau Federation and paid a king's ransom for it – $8.5 million dollars, which is 42 times more than the company originally paid forfacebook.com! Imagine just one domain was sold for $8.5 millions dollars, if you happened to be the one that register that domain and sell it out. One good domain can change your life story and make you millionaire for real but it not an easy thing to have that great luck however I have come up with a good way to make huge money from domain flipping business and this will help you a lot.

    Today on Instagram people go there to waste their time and have fun that all for them but business See's that as great opportunity to get reach to their audience and make their business grow.

    The way is to search for a business that is growing fast and making lot of sake but don't have business website. What you should do is register their name and contact them that you have their name and willing to sell it to them at a good price. It will be a lot of good advantage if you are a web developer and offer them a deal of also design a good business website or online shop. Good money. The only thing I didn't include on this post is how to find those business and how to approach them.

    If you need that then indicate below I will send it to you on private message.
  2. ujoh

    ujoh Member

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