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Nnu Has Not Pay Me For August 2018 - See Why

Discussion in 'General Business' started by serome, Aug 31, 2018.

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  1. serome

    serome Administrator Staff Member

    Hello friends, welcome to proudnaira business forum website. Are you an nnu member? Well nnu is one of the platform that first introduced pay to comment website in Nigeria. The website have over 50 thousands registered members in just 1year and registeration is still counting. Recently nnu.ng in august has not paid their users and they haven't release any comment regarding the delay and when it users are to be paid.
    nnu nigeria.jpg
    So many questions are flying on the website and around the internet regarding the delay in payment.

    When will nnu pay for august earning?
    Why is nnu delaying august earning payment?
    What is the latest news about nnu payment?
    Has anyone gotten paid by nnu?
    Have i been scammed by nnu?

    Well in little time let me explain something to you. NNU may not have run or could have run. The numbers of the platform grow by 40% in August and most of the users focus on only on the activities area only which is to say they were only commenting, visiting the site and sharing sponsored post. From my own prospective and calculation, nnu will have to pay almost or over 50m naira out in the month of Auguest alone. Wow, the question is that where will nnu get this money from?

    As i'm concern, i didn't find any relevant ads on nnu network that could even earn them 200k. What happens when the website can not even make any money?. The only source of the income i find on the platform is that of the referral which means you bring someone and the person bring another person and each person pay 1600 to join as a one time registration fee. From what i have find out, most of those people that paid 1600 to join has made over 20k from the website activities alone.

    Where will Mr Samson get all of the money to pay people? I will not conclude that nnu has ran away but i will want to hit the nail on the head that not every earners of the month of august the meet the minimum payout thread that will get paid if he should even try his best to pay.

    Mr. Samson initial plan for nnu may not have been like this but things has change and plan may not have gone as planned. Who knows, maybe he was thinking the ads revenue on the website could be enough to pay it users since the site will be having much visitors. On his plan i may say he forgot something important which i will not say on this thread.

    If nnu should close operation today, i will be a victim of it, though my initial plan was not to go there to make money and didn't even have much time for it but i have paid him the 16000 to register and i would have want my money back. Someone on this forum ask about it to know if nnu is genuine of not so i decided to register in other to get my followers good information that was my purpose of registration. I have reach the minimum 5000 naira payout. We all are waiting for nnu to pay.

    NNU didn't not just strategies too well the platform future before the hit the start button, i think that is what is causing all this. Anyway we wish nnu meet up with payment soon.

    Let us known if you have been or not below.
  2. Ada

    Ada Member

    I just said it now. Anyway too bad for this because they have already gain people's trust and here they go.
  3. ujoh

    ujoh Member

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