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Save And Invest With Cowrywise

Discussion in 'Finance' started by samuel osifeso, Dec 2, 2019.

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  1. samuel osifeso

    samuel osifeso New Member

    What is Cowrywise About?
    Cowrywise is a company that provides accessible savings and investment plans for all. Cowrywise is a registered Cooperative with a registration number 1584, also duly registered with CAC with RC Number: 1419869 with its assets held and monitored by Meristem Trustees Limited, an SEC-registered company. Cowrywise is run by finance and technology professionals with over 20 years of aggregate domain experience. on our team, is a CFA charter holder and technology solution architects. Founded by Razaq Ahmed and Edward Popoola. Their physical address is 5C Reverend Ogunbiyi Street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos Nigeria.

    What Plans Do Cowrywise Offer?
    Cowrywise offers several savings and investment plans. Each plan is structured to fit your demands. There are six saving plans on Cowrywise;
    1. Life Goals Plan: This plan involves you saving toward important long-term goals. The minimum saving period is 1 year and you get an interest rate of 11-15% per annum/yearly.
    2. Periodic Plan: On Cowrywise’s periodic plan, you get to save towards your short term goals as the minimum duration is 3 months with a 10-15% interest per annum/yearly.
    3. Save As You Earn Plan: A simple plan which lets you save whenever you earn. Unlike other plans, it is not automated, you save manually depending on when you have.
    4. Savings Circle Plan: Like its name already denotes, this plan is a group saving plan. Meaning you can save up with your family and friends. This plan has two packages- The collections scheme which is a group saving plan where only one person (the creator) has access to withdraw funds. This to me is quite similar to the local “Esusu” contribution our parents do/did. But to me, it is a more reliable way. While the second package called “the challenges” is a group saving where all members save towards a goal and at the end of the challenge, funds are returned to individual accounts. Interest rates stand at 10-15% per annum.
    5. Halal Savings Plan: This plan is ideal for Muslim faithful and others who do not want to accrue interests on their Savings.

    Plan, Save, Invest
    Planning towards goals, saving towards future plans, unforeseen circumstances and starting investment plans, Cowrywise offers all these. You can plan and save towards life goals such as vacation, retirement, buying a home or renting one, business capitals, emergency funds e.t.c. Recently, Cowrywise also introduced investment plans. So you can Plan, save and invest under one platform. The journey to securing the bag as a smart money man and a rich man (like Robert Kiyosaki said) almost can’t get any better than this.

    Invest in Mutual funds through cowrywise
    Mutual funds pool money from various small investors to make massive investments at once. To invest in mutual funds, using Cowrywise, you’ll need to signup and login to take a short risk assessment. The results of this test will help suggest funds you can invest in. Once you’ve chosen a fund, all you need do is buy some units of the fund to have your money invested in it. There is also an option for automated investment which allows you to effortlessly invest a fixed amount regularly into a mutual fund daily, weekly or monthly. That way, you can even invest in your sleep. The beauty of this plan is that, in the long term, it helps you benefit more despite the high and low performances of a mutual fund. Daily, you can monitor how much your fund has earned or lost (if it is a type of fund that invests in stocks).

    The BIG Question- is Money SAFE on Cowrywise?
    The answer to this big question is a big YES. Your savings and investments are secured. Cowrywise is a registered company with a physical office in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Funds are secured via a partnership with Meristem Trustees, a public trust firm regulated by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). Also, sensitive details such as bank/atm details are encrypted according to global standards. You can read more about how secure Cowrywise is on their website. Personally, I have saved with them and experience no money troubles, whatsoever.

    Everyone Can Save On Cowrywise, Including You!
    I am securing my financial life with Cowrywise and so can you too. Saving and Investing in Cowrywise is open to everyone who has access to a mobile device or Laptop and functional Nigerian bank cards.
    Amazingly, you also earn while using Cowrywise to save and invest as they give you a referral bonus of N250 on each person that signs up to Cowrywise using your unique referral link. Imagine if you get 50 people to sign up via your referral link, that’s a whooping N12,500. To get started, sign up using my Cowrywise link to get N250 free.
    All you need do is go to https://get.cowrywise.com/r/samueL2A or download the cowrywise app and input the referral/Invite code SAMUEL2A, and proceed to register, choose one of the savings or investment plans and start saving. You can save from as low as N100 and choose to save daily, weekly, monthly or at any time you have money.
    As I continue to “secure the bag” using Cowrywise to save and invest, I wish you can do this also so we secure a financially free future.

    Are you a Cowrywise user or are you just hearing about Cowrywise for the first time via this post? If you have any questions as regards Saving and Investing with Cowrywise, please feel free to drop them in the comment section and I will do my best to proffer answers. You can also chat me up or call me on 08075046065

    Control and manage the way you spend money, Be wise, start saving NOW

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