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Tell Us About Your Business. What Is The Secret Of Your Success?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Marinad, Feb 13, 2019.

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  1. Marinad

    Marinad Member

    I am interested in reading your stories. Share your experience with me!
  2. Sakura123

    Sakura123 Member

    The secret of my success in good advertising my business! I opened my own pizzeria and created a cool logo of my brand. Each my client receives a unique pen with the logo of my pizzeria as a gift! When ordering in the amount of $ 100, I give my clients unique cups. When ordering from 300 dollars, I give my clients cool and comfortable backpacks. I ordered all these promotional products from this company http://www.conceptplus.ca/ and I am grateful for the fact that they quickly and efficiently fulfilled my order and made a good discount for me! Good luck)
  3. Marinad

    Marinad Member

    Thank you for discovering the secret of your business success! Your post is very interesting and useful for beginners)
  4. nikolClayton

    nikolClayton New Member

    I have been in business for about five years and always spend a lot of time on this. We strictly control the safety of our production. For many years we have been working with the company https://www.americanbackflowprevention.com/ on fire safety. Always give an important place to such issues.
  5. crown90

    crown90 New Member

    The price of bitcoin is determined solely by supply and demand. The supply is 14.1 million coins released so far, plus a measured release of new coins, currently 3,600 per day, dropping to 1,800 per day in the third quarter of 2016. There will never be more than 21 million coins. The demand for bitcoin is currently speculators and people who use bitcoins to make purchases on the dark markets. If you believe, as I do, that other use cases will emerge for a trustless decentralized digital cash system, then the price of bitcoins will rise and they are currently a great investment. If you believe that a previously undiscovered flaw in the bitcoin protocol will be discovered, or that no further use cases for bitcoin will emerge, then bitcoins are a bad investment. Bitcoin has stood the test of time so far, with the core protocol running well and now in its seventh year of operation. Nobody has the faintest idea whether bitcoin is a good investment, because the world has never seen something like bitcoin before. Innovative new things upset people, and bitcoin is no different, which is why bitcoin has both fervent supporters and vehement enemies. Investing a small portion of your portfolio in bitcoins is no different then buying a few shares of a young company you think will grow. Only time will tell you if it was a good decision or not. I would argue that it is a smart gamble, and that people wouldn't be nearly so worked up about bitcoin if it didn't have the potential to change the world.
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  6. Betty7

    Betty7 New Member

    I prefer bitcoin trading as it seems to be the most profitable if we speak about building a stable passive income. Of course it demands investments and patience but it really worth it
  7. Andretto

    Andretto New Member

    I only want to start online business. It will be job board. How do you think it is good idea?
  8. Kefezzo

    Kefezzo New Member

    I think yes, but you need to create really good service which will meet all modern trends and requirements. Try to check some popular successful projects, for example Jobsora https://uk.jobsora.com/ great service, works in many countries. I often use it.
  9. crown90

    crown90 New Member

    1. Perseverance – Perseverance or grit is the ability to keep working when everyone tells you that you should give up. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be gritty. Honestly, without hard work and perseverance, you’re not going anywhere in the entrepreneurial world.

    2. Risk taking ability - Successful entrepreneurs take risks. It’s part of the job.

    Successful entrepreneurs also know which risks to take and which they shouldn’t. Learn to recognize the risks that will benefit your business and take them.

    3. Trust yourself - If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Being a successful entrepreneur means that you’ve learned to listen to your intuition and rely on your wisdom when making decisions. Your ability to trust and believe in yourself will show your confidence. People are more likely to follow and trust confident leaders.

    4. Become fearless - Entrepreneurs must be able to pivot and quickly take action when they see an opportunity or recognize a mistake. As an entrepreneur, if you let fear be your guide, you won’t be able to listen to your intuition, you’ll be afraid to take the necessary risks, and your judgment will be clouded by emotion.
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  10. poliq

    poliq New Member

    I have built my business around the market of digital currency and should say that the best thing you can do is use experts`s opinion for free to reach your goals
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  11. Betty7

    Betty7 New Member

    Right you are;) I always turn to some professional forecasts there https://www.crypto-rating.com/forecasts/ before make a decision about any investment on that market.
    The thing is that it really works. Experts are always helpful if we speak about business building plans

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